Madam Secretary “Sound and Fury”

This was the first episode in a while that really kept me riveted to the TV. Ever since Nadine’s character exited I’ve been a bit sad about this show. She just added something extra.

The reason I wanted to write about this episode specifically was the parallels written about what appears to be happen in real life with President Trump and how President Dalton was acting. I was curious how it would all play out.

The writers really drove home in a blatant *hint hint nudge nudge*, this is what you can do you powers that be. I don’t know what is best politically, but I sure do wish some of these characters were real people truly working for the betterment of this country. I can daydream right?

In the end the secretary, the president’s wife and his chief of staff were able to convince him that going to a doctor was his best option. Either that or being kicked out entirely. They found a malignant tumor that was pressing on his brain causing the abrupt change in personality. It will be interesting when the show airs again if he will still be recovering, or if we won’t get to see what the acting president might do.

First aired January 14, 2018 on CBS.


So many shows…

Not much new here, I am only about a month behind on TV though. Been keeping up pretty well. I’ve been more disappointed in the shows that are getting canceled fairly quickly. I’m not sure that writing about them would save any of them. Unfortunately that would be my way of “saving” a show since I watch them so late they don’t get credit for me even seeing it.

A couple notable exits this season are Bones and Grimm. Both are doing their “Final Chapter.” I’m not disagreeing that these shows are going to be over this year. It was time for both of those shows.

I have not forgotten about this blog, and it is on my mind and to do list so I hope to begin again writing about the various shows I watch for those that are interested.

TV is great, but life is better

Another official television season is coming to a close. I have failed yet again to keep this blog updated at all. I am currently watching shows that aired on February 12 (2016, at least I’m in the right year). Every time I say to myself I’ll write about this episode or that, I don’t do it. Maybe I shouldn’t set my goals so lofty.

Hopefully one of these days I will recap an episode of a show I’ve watched and you can relive it! I’m not sure that anyone is as far behind on TV watching as me. Guess I have finally found something else to do.

NCIS “Gut Check”

Two major things happen with this episode. First it’s a huge PSA for the NSA. Go figure, we have to believe they are always the good guys. Second is possibly the start of the new character that will be replacing Ziva. Who happens to be the NSA agent (Ellie Bishop) who helped them solve the case. She reminds me of Felicity on Arrow. Might just be the blonde hair, but I think also the constant curiosity she has. At the end we find out she applied for NCIS before she was accepted to the NSA, we’ll see where this develops.

First aired November 19, 2013 on CBS.