Undercover Boss “Phenix Salon INC.”

Based on the business name of this Undercover Boss episode I’m guessing this is going to be all about spas. Phenix Salon Suites is a franchise business. Gina Rivera is the co-founder/president of this wonderful empire. Based on the intro, she’s very much out of touch with her salon skills. This should be fun!…She does learn that without her employees, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Sometimes I wonder if the boss’ on this show have never seen it? Either way, she came out of this with a positive experience and gave 4 small business owners a huge boost.

Michele barber 
Prediction: scholarship money, medical expenses, family vacation
What Happened:  $10,000 towards medical expenses, rent for suite for a year, family vacation in Maui total $10,000 + suite rent (year) + vacation

G nail technician
Prediction: money, contacting owner of location, family vacation
What Happened: $5,000 for supplies, paying for cruise, $40,000 to help pay for daughter’s law school total $45,000 + cruise cost

Felisa cosmetologist
Prediction: money for school, family vacation, more equipment
What Happened: $10,000 for whatever, second dryer, reduce noise in suites, percentage of new African American hair line, school tuition for 2 years for kids total $10,000 + royalties + 2 years kids school tuition

Richie hair stylist
Prediction: money for daughter, medical bills, money in general
What Happened: $5,000 fundraiser money to help daughter, new car, up to $250,000 house total $255,000 + new car ($20,000?)

First aired January 9, 2015 on CBS.


Undercover Boss “Maaco”

As with most Undercover Boss episodes I’m not all that familiar with the business. Maaco, I believe, paints cars, at least that’s what their TV ads say they do. President Jose Costa goes undercover in this episode to find out how he can improve the way Maaco runs. He has little if no knowledge about cars and only cares about money. That is one of my biggest peeves about most large companies like this one, the money is the only thing that matters, everyone is dispensable. Part of why I watch this show is so that if I am able to run a company someday I can always remember, the people that help get you your outrageous paycheck need more than a thank you email every quarter. 

Jim body tech 
Prediction: retraining, money for kid college
What Happened:  30 days to change his work total $0

Christian painter
Prediction: money probably $20k, vacation, pay for parents to visit, mentoring
What Happened: training/mentoring in business, Spanish speaking training program, flying parents to America for birth, rent for 1 year, $20,000 for personal use total $20,000 + travel expense for parents + rent for 1 year

Matt Franchise Owner
Prediction: money to fix building, maybe get second location
What Happened: $35,000 for store remodel and signage with upgrades total $35,000

Rambo utility
Prediction: medical bills, money for personal use ($10k), get him an indoor space
What Happened: build a workstation, $20,000 for personal use total $20,000 + new building

Acey detailer
Prediction: train other people, college money for kids, cash for personal use ($10k)
What Happened: family vacation, college fund $5,000 each, $25,000 for personal use, $10,000 down payment on house. total $55,000 + vacation

First aired January 2, 2015 on CBS.

Undercover Boss “Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill”

This seems to be another episode of a Hooters/Twin Peaks/Tilted Kilt type establishment. How many of these are out there really? And how many near naked female servers do we have to see on this show?? The guy in charge is Doug Guller, he has quite the stake in the company since he founded it. (Not an original idea though, so not impressed). He’s only in this business because it’s “recession proof.” *GAG* This is going to be the longest. episode. ever, and I’m only 10 minutes in as I write this.

This guy has zero concept of why he can’t attract and keep quality talent. He’s asking for just short of a stripper or prostitute to work for him, there are only so many women comfortable with that. And the sad truth is women with educations (or at least once that get said education) won’t need to work in an establishment such as his. He just knows that sex and sports sells, yes, it does, but the people willing to sell themselves that way are harder to come by then he’s been lead to believe. 

Jessica bartender 
Prediction: be let go
What Happened:  he let her go total $0

Henry kitchen supervisor
Prediction: money- up to $10k, add dishwasher position, vacation time (paid for), back pay since start of position to current
What Happened: 30% raise, all back pay from promotion start, $10,000 for a family vacation total $10,000 + back pay + 30% raise

Grace Bikinis Babe
Prediction: help with marketing, speak to management, money for being decent employee
What Happened: she will lead efforts for new bikini girl model, 6 months of exceptional service she gets a boob job. total whatever a boob job costs ($10-20k?)

Megan manager
Prediction: more convenient tv station, money probably $10-20k, down payment for house, medical expenses
What Happened: use her social media idea to recruit more servers, consulting position to help promote employees, 8% raise, paying for dental expenses for daughter, $10,000 for new housetotal $10,000 + 8% raise + medical expenses

I hope that Doug took something away from this experience. His business is not original. Sometimes a room full of “sexy” women isn’t enough.

First aired December 28, 2014 on CBS.

Undercover Boss “Mayor of Pittsburgh”

The Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, has been in office since 2014 (10 months as of filming), so he’s new to this job. He’s spent many years (20ish) working in different areas of government. He can dedicate his life to his job, which is good in that position. As a single guy with no kids, he can really focus on the city. He claims to have been making many changes and wants to find out how that’s working out for everyone.

James environmental services (just a note on their uniforms…looks like they belong with the DOC not DES)
Prediction: money, help routes make more sense
What Happened: work to create more efficient routes, $5,000 for his aunt’s no-kill shelter, $10,000 to help his mom, $20,000 to help get out of foreclosure, and pay down mortgage. total $35,000

Lawrence housing authority carpenter
Prediction: money, help starting ministry or starting mentoring program for kids in the state housing to learn the carpentry trade (could be rolled into 1 very large project)
What Happened: create program to help youth in workforce development, $5,000 to help foster kids, investment of $20,000 for him to build a church. total $25,000

Marty forestry division
Prediction: money for school, pay for Catholic school education or scholarship fund, new saw blades, some sort of advisory position
What Happened: new equipment, attempt to change working hours, $15,000 (from “friends”)  to make up for lost wages, gives city scholarship and “friends” will contribute the rest. total $15,000 + remaining college money

Kelly self-sufficiency coordinator
Prediction: pay for her son school or down payment for house, maybe both, get promotion, money for school
What Happened: promotion to supervisor with a $20,000 raise, “friends” donating $15,000 to send her back to law school, her son got $20,000 scholarship to pay for school, $20,000 down payment money for a house. total $75,000

All of these things are really great for these 4 employees, but now Bill is in a little bit of trouble. Read about the after effects of the show here.

First aired December 21, 2014 on CBS.

Sleepy Hollow is making me sleepy


This show was great for the first half of the first season. It’s been going downhill since then. Some episodes seem to drag more than others. Most shows you at least skip a little time between (traditionally a week), but this one feels like you get an hour by hour account of what is happening to the characters.

Now that I have seen the fall finale (finally), I’m not even sure why the show is coming back. It seems to me they destroyed Moloch and then the show no longer has a purpose. Once you kill the bad guy and fulfill whatever prophecy I can imagine a happy ending for the characters. I guess I’ll continue to record it, but if there’s a next season I probably won’t be joining.

The best part about this show is Icabod and his commentary, reactions, and general “old” use of the English language. But now I’m able to get something similar from Forever. 

The Tom/Joel & Caitlin/Jemma Conundrum

The Tom/Joel thing has been bugging me since the last season of tv. The shows these characters are on couldn’t be much more different, same as their characters (if you don’t know The Blacklist and Parenthood respectively). But the actors playing those characters, well they look too much alike to me and they end up muddled in my brain. I’ve noticed that is happening more often, there are even articles, well slideshow galleries, of actors that look related. With almost 50 shows that I watch, sometimes I just need actors to not look so similar.

A different pairing that has come up this season, which was not a problem last season is Caitlin (The Flash) and Jemma (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). They fill similar roles on their respective shows and have similar mannerisms. Since both shows deal with super heroes it gets confusing if I’m too tired while watching them.

Side by side they don’t look as much alike, for either pairing. But a few days apart on their respective shows, well sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

My Absence

To explain why I stopped writing on this blog in a nutshell is, I got about 6-8 weeks behind last season, depending on how busy each week was dependent on how far behind I would get. So far this season is going a little better, only about 3 weeks behind. Still no spoilers coming from me! I normally hear about things that happened long before I get around to watching it. Like Sweets’ death on Bones. That one I didn’t see coming, and I’m not happy that they just replaced him with a non-psychologist version of himself. Don’t get how that will make the plot line move forward any better, but hey I’m not a writer for that show, just a commentator way after the air date.

Something I would like to do is more commentary, less overview of what happened. I have a few posts in my head, I just need to get them down on the computer. I keep finding myself with many other projects going on. Between crafting, photography and making attempts at cooking and baking (which you can find those hits here). So I just wanted to let my few followers know I am still alive, and this blog is definitely on my mind and I am hoping to get some new info to you before the end of the 14-15 tv season.