Superheroes and Revivals

As another season of TV comes to a close I am noticing a trend for next year’s shows. Superheroes and revivals will be in abundance. Unfortunately the good shows from this season, ones that make you think or are more complex were of course axed while every reality show and many crime shows are sticking around.

Here’s a quick rundown:

The CW (heaviest on the heros)
– Legends of Tomorrow
– Arrow
– The Flash
– Supergirl

– Gotham
– The Gifted (new 2017-18)

– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
– Inhumans (new 2017-18)

These are just off the top of my head, there might be more. Well I know there’s more on Netflix which I don’t have. (insert gasp here)

– American Idol (why?! It was awful the first time)
– Will & Grace
– Friends

While they’re reviving old 90s sitcoms they should bring back Dharma & Greg, both actors are out of jobs right now, so might as well get on the train while its moving forward.


The Tom/Joel & Caitlin/Jemma Conundrum

The Tom/Joel thing has been bugging me since the last season of tv. The shows these characters are on couldn’t be much more different, same as their characters (if you don’t know The Blacklist and Parenthood respectively). But the actors playing those characters, well they look too much alike to me and they end up muddled in my brain. I’ve noticed that is happening more often, there are even articles, well slideshow galleries, of actors that look related. With almost 50 shows that I watch, sometimes I just need actors to not look so similar.

A different pairing that has come up this season, which was not a problem last season is Caitlin (The Flash) and Jemma (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). They fill similar roles on their respective shows and have similar mannerisms. Since both shows deal with super heroes it gets confusing if I’m too tired while watching them.

Side by side they don’t look as much alike, for either pairing. But a few days apart on their respective shows, well sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

Reign “Kissed”

This is my favorite new show of the season. I don’t know what makes it so awesome because I’m sure most of it is embellished history, but nonetheless I look forward to seeing it. The music is pretty awesome too. Sometimes the costumes are, I’m not sure if they match up with the style of the time, but I don’t see a show going too far off base with period costumes.

Francis is starting to like Mary, he’s actually putting forth effort to try and help her. Scotland is under attack from England and Mary needs troops sent. Of course the King won’t help so Mary decides to take things into her own hands. She ends up agreeing to marry the next ruler of Portugal. Francis tells her that’s what needs to be done and gives her her first kiss. AWW.

The King and one of Mary’s girls are still sneaking around. Francis is using this against the King to try and pull leverage. He did, and sent Bash to tell the troops to leave for Scotland to help. Bash comes back mortally wounded and it appears that the King had something to do with tipping England off. He is teaching Francis not to rule with his heart. Which is why he told Mary that she should agree to the marriage and alliance with Portugal.

When Tomás was with Mary to see off the troops to help Scotland, the prediction from Nostradamus was fulfilled.

First aired October 31, 2013 on The CW.

The Tomorrow People “Kill Or Be Killed”

The Tomorrow People is a new show on The CW. I’m still not sure what I think of it. It’s of the SCi-Fi variety, which I do like a lot of those types of shows, but this one has so much back story that’s unknown and sometimes even the story itself seems a bit piecemealed together. I have a hard time paying attention the whole show. So these reviews might be pretty short.

This episode focuses mostly on John and Jedikiah’s past. Who would have known they know each other. 15 years ago Jedikiah showed up to John’s foster home to take him away. It is also in these flashbacks that we learn that The Tomorrow People have a part of them that can’t kill others. Jedikiah knows about this and has developed something to block the part of their brains that prevent killing. This ushers in Killian. (On a side note this seems to be the most popular name for characters, I think it’s at least the third show in the last few weeks to have a Killian. There are books with names, maybe the writers should check those out.) Now off my rant, the name Killian is actually a good choice because he loves killing people. This is thanks to Jedikiah’s training program that he put Killian and John through.

So to take down Killian Jedikiah has enlisted the help of John. Since John thinks of Jedikiah as a father he really thought he was doing something to help. Well Jedikiah really wanted to kill them both, so in the end John kills Killian and is upset because he hadn’t killed anyone in years. Before this last fight we learn more about John’s training and that he can be in multiple places at once.

Oh and before Killian was killed he tried to blow up Jedikiah, of course Stephen saves him.

On a very side note this show is sponsored by Windows, yay! Getting to see real computers being used is nice. And if you didn’t notice the title of this episode you’ll be able to figure it out by the end. I think they said it as least 4 times throughout.

In the end John shows up in Jedikiah’s new vehicle and threatens him with The Tomorrow People no longer being passive and nice. Looks like a war is gearing up.

Originally aired October 30, 2013 on The CW.

Arrow “Crucible”

The villain of this episode is self dubbed “The Mayor.” He feels that running the Glades like a gang with military grade weapons and violence is a good idea. Of course you don’t want to cross paths with the Hood or now the masked blonde (Black Canary) who run around getting the bad guys.

This week we get to learn just who that masked blonde is…spoiler! it’s Laurel’s supposedly dead sister Sarah aka Black Canary. spoiler!

Now Laurel is having problems of her own, becoming an alcoholic like her dad, so he asks Oliver to talk to her. She doesn’t really take to that too well.

So back to Sarah, poor Oliver has to keep her secret, but he’s working on her to get her to tell her family that she’s alive. Which apparently he’s known. They were on the island together and in the last flashback he has she shows up after he’s been deemed strong enough. Because being shot and having to stitch yourself up is a sign of being strong.

Anyway, Black Canary and Arrow/The Hood, go to stop the next shipment of The Mayor’s. Ollie told her to keep him alive, The Mayor calls her a b*tch and well she snaps his neck. But it turns out that The Mayor really wasn’t the bad guy after all. The Sebastian Blood guy who has been meeting with Oliver over cleaning up the glades is actually Brother Blood, this really bad guy. So we’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes everyone to figure out who he really is. And that he’s creating a drug laced army. Maybe a new version of Vertigo?

Originally aired October 30, 2013 on The CW.

Beauty and the Beast “Hothead”

This episode actually had some interesting character development with Vincent. We learn he used to be a firefighter before he was a doctor or a beast.

It seems that after a little mishap last week Vincent and Kat will be back together. At least for the time being. They just can’t be kept apart for long.

Sorry this is so short, but there wasn’t all that much that happened on this episode that needed a lot of commentary.

Orginally aired October 28, 2013 on The CW.