The Voice Season 13

Finally! They listened to my silent cries! The season finale of The Voice didn’t have to end with a semi-crying-overwhelmed-confetti covered-trying to hug family new winner singing a song.

Seriously that was something that pissed me off to no end, this person is excited, happy, overwhelmed, so the person for 12 SEASONS thought that making them sing a song after being announced the winner, finally didn’t get their way.

I was also glad that Chole Kohanski won, she has a great voice, very unique. I know that by being so far behind I don’t have a say in the winner, and my refusal to use icrap means no downloading of music either. So for once someone I was rooting for made it all the way and actually won!

Overall it was a decent season. I hope they carry over the not forcing the winner to sing at the end. A much needed improvement to the show.


So many shows…

Not much new here, I am only about a month behind on TV though. Been keeping up pretty well. I’ve been more disappointed in the shows that are getting canceled fairly quickly. I’m not sure that writing about them would save any of them. Unfortunately that would be my way of “saving” a show since I watch them so late they don’t get credit for me even seeing it.

A couple notable exits this season are Bones and Grimm. Both are doing their “Final Chapter.” I’m not disagreeing that these shows are going to be over this year. It was time for both of those shows.

I have not forgotten about this blog, and it is on my mind and to do list so I hope to begin again writing about the various shows I watch for those that are interested.

The Tom/Joel & Caitlin/Jemma Conundrum

The Tom/Joel thing has been bugging me since the last season of tv. The shows these characters are on couldn’t be much more different, same as their characters (if you don’t know The Blacklist and Parenthood respectively). But the actors playing those characters, well they look too much alike to me and they end up muddled in my brain. I’ve noticed that is happening more often, there are even articles, well slideshow galleries, of actors that look related. With almost 50 shows that I watch, sometimes I just need actors to not look so similar.

A different pairing that has come up this season, which was not a problem last season is Caitlin (The Flash) and Jemma (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). They fill similar roles on their respective shows and have similar mannerisms. Since both shows deal with super heroes it gets confusing if I’m too tired while watching them.

Side by side they don’t look as much alike, for either pairing. But a few days apart on their respective shows, well sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

The Biggest Loser Second Chances

Week 14

As expected Rachel won the triathalon. Starting with the swimming gave her quite the advantage. Chelsea and Jennifer came in with the lowest numbers being automatically eliminated. Leaving Bobby, David, and Rachel as the final 3 to weigh in for the title of Biggest Loser.

Week 13

Makeover Week, everyone’s favorite. Of course everyone is all pretty, but there is a double elimination. 2 people under the red line. Marie and Tanya were sent home leaving the final 5 to battle it out in the triathalon.

Week 12

Since the Olympics have started this episode is fun to watch. They mentioned they weren’t able to use the gym whenever they wanted, I’m assuming since it was so close to the beginning of the Olympics the whole place was pretty packed with athletes.

There was a yellow line again this week. Jay ended up gaining a pound, putting him below the yellow line. And Bobby joined him with a 2 pound weight gain. They both had great arguments for staying, well for Jay it was just to stay through makeover week, but still a good goal either way. He was eventually the person sent home as he didn’t have much work left to do. Bobby lives on another week.

Week 11

Matt and Hap did end up going home, and Bobby came back by having the highest percentage of weight loss. Sadly they are bringing back the yellow line. I have been so happy without the voting. At least there hasn’t been all the unnecessary drama.

The yellow line brought Tumi and Tanya to the elimination. The other contestants found that Tumi was the bigger threat to them in the long run and sent her home. She’s been so quiet I don’t know how much I’ll notice she won’t be on the show anymore.

Week 10

This week the teams became individuals. They finally have to compete for themselves and no longer rely on their team members. It’s nice that everyone seems to be working harder to be there. But then there is a double elimination hovering. And thankfully it’s still a red line. I am so happy we don’t have to suffer through bawling at the table over how sad people are to vote another person off. Hap and Matt were sent home this week. Well sort of, the new twist. Matt and Hap along with everyone else who has been eliminated get to compete to come back to the ranch.

Week 9
So the curse of Jillian’s team strikes again. Her team lost a trivia challenge. They were made to work in a diner for the whole week, and then face training after that. But at least they were doing jobs that weren’t sitting all day. They had to clean, walk around, stand, all day, then work out. That’s about the best type of situation they could be in for the competition.

All of that movement paid off. White team wasn’t on the chopping block. Tumi had a great growth time, she really wanted a stable environment, being taken out of that she ended up losing 9 pounds. Doing better than the other 2 people on her team. Blue team lost the weigh in. Bobby was sent home with the lowest weight-loss for the week.

Week 8
So as for the double elimination…It’s only temporary and they get to take their trainer home. So at the spin of a wheel someone gets to go home for a week. So Jay is going home with Jillian. They’ll be back for the Week 8 weigh in. So we’ll see how this affects the white team.

Jay did a great job at the weigh in. He lost 12 pounds! Anyway Blue team didn’t do the greatest, but Red just sunk. So Ruben lost the least amount of weight and was sent home, again.

Week 7
Well it’s official Bob’s gay. So now all rumors can be put to rest. His team is at the biggest risk for losing the weigh in because they won the challenge to have 1 family member on the ranch for Thanksgiving.

The weigh in came down to the Blue and White teams. The Blue team lost for the second week in a row. They really got off their winning streak. Holley was eliminated because she had the least amount of weight loss. I am really liking this red line, a lot less tears, until this episode. Everyone was all tears. And then the biggest whammy was a double elimination. Which we will find out who else gets eliminated on the next episode.

Week 6
How annoyed can one get with the push ads for Subway? They don’t have food that’s all that fresh. I get sick anytime I eat their food because it’s not that good, or fresh, and in all honesty not the healthiest.

For the weigh in Blue Team finally lost a weigh in. With some reservation Bob used his trainer save on Matt, even though he wanted to save it for Chelsea.

Week 5

The nutrition week. Putting the contestants to the test on creating meals that kids would eat. Of course the Blue Team won the challenge.

This is the week that Jillian gets reprimanded for giving her team caffeine supplements instead of lots of coffee. So her team has a 4 pound disadvantage, Blue Team has immunity again. Oh and Ruben will be coming back. So quite the exciting weigh-in for everyone. Makes you wonder how awkward that taping was. And if Jillian will be returning next season. Anyway, White Team lost either way. Craig was sent home, I’m just glad there wasn’t a deliberation.

Week 4 (11/5/13):
Halloween week. They had a Temptation where out of a whole bunch of pumpkins one had a golden ticket with immunity. Some had money and others had candy. Blue team not only got a lot of the money they also ended up with immunity. Red and White team will be going head to head at the weigh in.

Ruben fell below the red line. So he was eliminated. It’s nice not having the contestants vote, it would just drag on. I’m sure it’s coming, but for now I can enjoy the red line.

Week 3 (10/29/13):
The teams are threatened with no gym equipment. Well sort of…this episode starts off with an auction, Biggest Loser style. 500 BL dollars to buy equipment at auction. Normally $500 wouldn’t get you very far in terms of a treadmill or weight set, but on the BL campus it can get you quite a bit. The results of the auction put the Red team with flour, sugar, and some tires for their workout equipment. Needless to say they didn’t fair the greatest for the weigh-in. But Dolvett had a breakthrough with Tanya and ended up using his Trainer Save to keep her on the ranch one more week. I think that was a great decision on his part, even her commentary after his save proves that he is helping to change her life. One of those lessons of just be nice to someone if you can, you never know how much it might affect them.

The other main point of this episode was to show that you can still workout without a fancy gym, or at least limited gym equipment. It seems the trainers are so used to situations like this they were able to just keep working with minimal whining fests. This is a nice improvement over previous seasons. I was also impressed with the contestants and their knowledge so early in the show on what they could do without gym equipment. Although this affected overall massive weight-loss as is normally seen, I think it helps to show actual “reality.” Not everyone can have a gym membership or the equipment at home, but you can still workout and lose a little weight at a time with some work.

I didn’t see too many new workouts to try out from this episode. I was hoping for some good tips or a new exercise to try out. Especially with the theme being not having a full gym.

The Voice Season 5

Reality shows that I watch are very few. So writing about them I shouldn’t be spoiling the results for too many people. So far this season of The Voice I haven’t been blown away by any one person. I still don’t even have a true favorite, just a couple of artists I would like to see continue.

And the winner is…Tessanne Chin

Final Performances (12/16/13)
Tessanne Chin:
Performing her first song again really shows she’s come into her own. It sounded like a Tessanne song. The duo of Tessanne and Adam was good, when they didn’t sing at the same time. Their voices just don’t meld that well. Throwing some reggae in at the end made for an interesting rendition of Let it Be. Her last performance really showcased the powerhouse part of her voice. Until the end when she showed her softer side.

Will Champlin: His first song was really made for his voice. He almost sounded like the original artist. I know I’ve heard the song Will and Adam performed, but can’t really place it, must be a classic of some sort. They sound quite similar when you hear them both like that. With his last performance he really showed his versatility between pop songs and classics. He did a really great job.

Jacquie Lee: She really knew what type of song showcases her voice the best. She did another power performance. Xtina and Jacquie together, wow, they both just belt. A couple of the notes weren’t the greatest sounding together, but overall the performance sounded good. I haven’t heard that song before, so not sure what it was supposed to sound like. Her last song was another power performance. I think it was her best yet.

Live Eliminations (12/10/13)
Team Adam:
Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin

Team Xtina: Jacquie Lee

Semi-Finals (12/9/13)
James Wolpert:
see below

Will Champlin: He did a great job of Carry On. It started really slow, but once he got to the chorus he just blew it away.

Jacquie Lee: Wow this girl can belt. Angel can’t be an easy song to sing, but she did a great job.

Cole Vosbury: I”m very unfamiliar with country music. But this song really showcases Cole’s talents well.

Tessanne Chin: She really likes to take on the classics. It’s good for relatability for more people. She didn’t do a bad job, but it wasn’t my favorite performance.

Live Eliminations (12/3/13)
Team Adam:
James Wolpert, Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin

Team Blake: Cole Vosbury

Team Xtina: Jacquie Lee

 Top 8 (11/25/13)
James Wolpert:
see below

Top 6 (12/2/13)
Cole Vosbury:
Not a bad performance. He sounded like he belongs in the ’60s.
Aww a ballad. I think he can pull off this type of music well. 

Tessanne Chin: They are really going for making her a female Marley. I guess it can work, she sounded pretty good on this one.
Finally a song I know! She did a really great job with Unconditionally. It is a hard song to sing, and she did a really good job.

Matthew Schuler: I’m not all that familiar with One Direction, but I think he did a good job. A lot more singing then it’s meant for since there’s normally 4-5 people singing it. He was singing very softly until the chorus, so most of the lyrics were a bit lost to me.
And now back to the oldies. He can pull it off. This is more what I expect from him.

Will Champlin: He looked super nervous in this performance. Like he was told to do some choreography, but it didn’t come naturally to him. I think the song was good for him, it suited his voice well.
Ok he went a bit crazy with his second song choice. He still sounds ok, it’s just a bit of a change from piano to banjo.

James Wolpert: see below, like way down there towards the beginning of the season.

Jacquie Lee: I know she has the voice for the song, but it just didn’t seem right coming from someone so young. It just didn’t fit for me. She did well for what she was given, but I didn’t think it really fit.
She’s trying for the softer ballad song again. This one seems more for her. But then this one was her choice. For being a Xtina song she really pulled it off well.

Live Eliminations (11/26/13)
Team Adam:
James Wolpert, Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin

Team Blake: Cole Vosbury

Team Xtina: Matthew Schuler, Jacquie Lee

 Top 8 (11/25/13)
James Wolpert:
see below

Tessanne Chin: So far this is my favorite performance of hers. I like the new take on a “classic.” Reminds me of the mid-90s when Shaggy was a big artist.

Caroline Pennell: She did a wonderful performance of Dog Days Are Over. Very impressed.

Cole Vosbury: He’s pretty good at singing ballads. I didn’t recognize the song, but I think he did a good job.

Matthew Schuler: I think the theatrics outshined his performance. He’s also not the greatest vocally on the move. He seemed to run out of air a couple of times or just didn’t hold his mic in the right place.

Will Champlin: Surprisingly he did really well. The beginning actually sounded like the original. Or at least what I think is the original.Anyway he did a great job on At Last.

Ray Boudreaux: I think Ray’s song choice helped to showcase his voice better than previous weeks. He’s actually a pretty good singer.

Jacquie Lee: There were some points when it sounded like Christina was singing. But this was another good power song for her. She has some pipes on her.

Live Eliminations (11/19/13)
Team Adam: James Wolpert, Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin

Team Blake: Ray Boudreaux, Cole Vosbury

Team Ceelo: Caroline Pennell

Team Xtina: Matthew Schuler, Jacquie Lee

Top 10 (11/18/13)
Austin Jenckes: Not a bad performance. I didn’t hear him hold out many notes, but overall it was pretty good. He is really using the grit in his voice even more.

Jacquie Lee: Her performance started off very shaky. But she really came around at the end. She’s not ready to do slow, soft ballads.

Will Champlin: Interesting song choice. I think it does sound good with his voice. It was neat to see him play piano, since so many of the artists are guitar people. For the bigger parts of the song, his voice didn’t seem as strong as I would have liked to hear, but overall he does have a more unique sound.

Caroline Pennell: Taking on John Denver, that’s brave. I think she is suited for it. Her set was so fitting for her. I really enjoyed her performance.

Cole Vosbury: Blake wanted him to sing a love song, to meet girls or something. Anyway he’s not bad. He has such a distinctive sound and grit to his voice. Overall I think he executed this song well.

Tessanne Chin: I’m still lost on the huge appeal with her. I think she did fine in her performance, but it wasn’t anything I was super impressed by. Not that I could sing that way, but still I expect more from this show.

Ray Boudreaux: Didn’t sound very swamp-pop or whatever his “genre” is. He’s not bad, I could see a song a of his making it to the radio.

James Wolpert: See below. ‘Nuf said.

Kat Robichaud: My favorite of the season. She’s really grown since the beginning. I think her voice was really strong for this song. She did a great job holding control while being carried. Overall I liked her performance.

Matthew Schuler: I think he did a good job with a slower ballad. I don’t remember what he normally sings, but this I think sounded good. He has good breath control with going from a long note into the next phrase. The yoga paid off.

Eliminations (11/12/13):
Team Blake: Austin Jenckes, Cole Vosbury, Ray Boudreaux

Team Ceelo: Caroline Pennell, Kat Robichaud

Team Xtina: Matthew Schuler, Jacquie Lee

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, James Wolpert

Live Performances (11/11/13):
Caroline Pennell: It’s nice to hear her project more. And to sing a faster tempo song. She does have a unique sound in her voice. Later on she will be easy to reconize when singing.

Josh Logan: It’s not that he can’t sing, but I just don’t like listening to his performances. Maybe it’s because he sounds too similar to John Mayer? Either way, by time I finish writing this I fast forward through the performance. Another observation is that his voice while talking sounds very deep, but when he sings it’s at least an octave higher.

James Wolpert: And no. See below for reasons. I did notice Christina’s makeup, looks like her lips are more tan than she is.

Austin Jenckes: He’s not bad. I don’t think I would normally listen to him, but his voice isn’t hard on the ears. I think this week he showed more range, but I think I normally fast-forward through.

Jacquie Lee: Much better than her last performance. Once she starts singing the “big” notes that are louder and higher her voice just hits this nails on chalkboard place that isn’t pleasant to hear. Like each chorus of this song, but the rest of the song, when she was singing in a lower range and softer she sounded much better.

Ray Boudreax: I actually didn’t mind sitting through this song. Last week I just skipped his performance. I’m not sure I fully recognize this song by John Legend, but I think Ray did a great job with it. He really showed he has a nice soft side to his voice that can really woo a girl.

Kat Robichaud: This performance she looked just like Jennifer Lawrence. I actually do like Kat. She is really intense yet fun. I just want to hang out with her sometime. She’s really great with interacting with the audience which is cool to see. I can see her going somewhere with her career.

Jonny Gray: he seems like a nice enough guy, but I just wasn’t impressed with this song.

Tessanne Chin: I’m just not seeing the excitement everyone has for her. She sounds like artists already out there. She’s good and all, but I guess I’m just not seeing what the pros are. I think the main draw is the fact that she’s from Jamaica.

Matthew Schuler: Now this kid is impressive. Not sure if it’s just the song choice this week, but he killed it. Even though I’ve heard this song a lot lately, I enjoyed hearing Matthew’s version. He really put some power into it and still shows his softer side.

Cole Vosbury: I don’t think his performance was bad, but I don’t know how much I would ever listen to him normally. I think his voice sounds pleasant though.

Will Champlin: I don’t think this song is really that great for his voice. He just sings too thin. He’s just doesn’t connect as much as I would expect. It could be nerves. His voice is nicer than a lot of people’s, but I just don’t get much from him besides good technique. He can hit the notes, but they felt emotionless. Yay, I just managed to write the same thing almost 3 times in a row now.

Live Eliminations (11/7/13):
Team Blake: Austin Jenckes, Cole Vosbury, Ray Boudreax

Team Ceelo: Caroline Pennell, Jonny Gray, Kat Robichaud

Team Xtina: Jacquie Lee, Matthew Schuler, Josh Logan

Team Adam: James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin

Live Shows (11/5/13):
Amber Nicole:
As much as I liked Cassidy Pope, I’m not that much into country. But Amber really showed off her power-house voice with this song.

Jonny Gray: He reminds me of singers from the ’60s. I’m hoping he doesn’t do the full version of Bittersweet Symphony. I think the version I have is around 10 minutes. Anyway I think he did a great job. I’m not sure if I would want to listen a whole album, but I can see him doing well. He has a distinctive sound.

Tamara Chauniece: So Carson said I’ll be singing along…we shall see. I Will Survive is not something I even attempt to sing along to. Her voice is not that suited to it. She sounds too thin, you really need a special type of voice to really pull it off.

Kat Robichaud: I really like Kat’s voice. It’s truly unique. She seems like a fun person. I really liked her rendition of You Keep Me Warm. I enjoyed her entire performance.

Caroline Pennell: Watching Ceelo is just hilarious with Caroline. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard this song, but I think it works for her. She definitely has a unique sound to her voice. You can tell she’s young though, about halfway through the song she lost control for a little bit. She may not be a star right away, but she might have a good following with Regina Spektor fans.

Josh Logan: I don’t really care for this song, and his version, well let’s just say I fast-forwarded through it.

Olivia Henken: I feel like I’m watching Reese Witherspoon. I’m intrigued by the fact that she is taking on a Katy Perry song. I do like the original, it’s hard to compete with. Her outfit really doesn’t fit for the song, the hair works though. Overall I did like her version.

Stephanie Anne Johnson: She has a nice voice. The song isn’t something I would normally listen to, but I think she did a good job. I only watched a little bit of this performance.

Matthew Schuler: A song I know! Wrecking Ball is one that I have looked up lyrics for multiple times because for some reason it’s hard to understand. I think the lyrics are really good. Matthew’s version was much easier to understand. He has a very interesting sound to his voice. By the end we got to hear more of the power in his voice.

Jacquie Lee: The voice that comes out of her is just shocking. For this song I normally would have skipped forward, but wow, she’s amazing performing this song. I was pretty entranced with how much power she has. But with that came an almost screeching sound, I’m not sure I always want to hear her that way, but overall I was impressed.

Live Shows (11/4/13):
Shelbie Z: I don’t listen to country, but I think her voice is pretty good. I still ended up fast-forwarding the last 30 seconds. So I did listen longer than normal.

James: Pretty much don’t care. I hate Apple and tired of the references. And I really don’t think he’s that unique.

Nic Hawk: Well at least I can understand the lyrics for Blurred Lines for the first time. Not a huge fan of Nic, but I guess with this song he’s not so bad. But I still couldn’t listen all the way through.

Ray Boudreaux: And more country. Well Louisiana country. He has an interesting sound. Listened to maybe 20-30 seconds of it.

Austin Jenckes: Seeing him without a hat was strange. Looks like a completely different person. Even though I’m not a fan of the music I do think he has a good voice and it’s unique.

Grey: I do like her. Probably one of my top picks. She reminds me of Cassidy Pope. This week’s song, not really the best choice. I don’t really care for this song to begin with. She did a good rendition of this song.

Will Champlin: He really took Secrets in a new direction. It wasn’t bad, just unexpected.

Preston Pohl: He has quite the rasp in his voice. It was an interesting rendition of the song. Not sure if he should do anymore rap in his songs. His voice is just too gritty.

Cole Vosbury: Another guy with a very gritty voice. He’s not bad, I just hardly ever know what songs he’s singing.

Tessanne Chin: She has a lower voice for a woman, but it’s quite powerful. Not my favorite performance, but she was quite good nonetheless.

Second Knockouts (10/29/13):
2 more hours of knockouts coming up.

Lina vs. Preston: Not a fan of their song choices. Lina really shows range with her song. Preston has a rasp to his voice that makes me think he’s losing his voice.

E.G. vs. Ray: Honestly wasn’t impressed with this knockout. I liked Ray’s performance better. Honestly I fast-forwarded through most of both performances.

Anthony vs. Jacquie: Anthony well, sounded very out of tune and just bad. Jacquie just looks too sweet for her song choice. But at least she sounded much better than her practice. I think she could do really well.

Stephanie vs. Tamara: I really liked Stephanie’s version of Nora Jones’ Don’t Know Why. She did a really good job with it. Not so sure on a Reggae version of Alicia Keys. But Tamara’s voice was really strong. The judges all favored Tamara. But Christina saved Stephanie.

James vs. Juhi: I’ve always favored Juhi and I thought her performance was really good. I ended up fast-forwarding through James’ performance, I wasn’t impressed with him at all.

Austin vs. Brandon: Austin was phenomenal. I actually enjoyed listening to his cover of I’ll Be. Brandon didn’t really capture my attention at first, but as his performance went on I thought he started to fall off (according to Blake he went sharp). I still favored Austins performance though.

Caroline vs. George: I’m glad Caroline chose a song that matches her voice. She really just draws you in. George, well, not really a fan of the style he is going for. I also don’t find his voice that distinctive. He could be thrown into any generic boy band. Looks like it too.

Matthew vs. Will: Will really showed a sensitive side and the grit in his voice. Along with sharing that his wife has a brain tumor. So there’s extra sympathy there. Matthew was good as well. I think he showed good range, but Will’s performance sticks with you. Although Matthew won Will is able to continue with Adam.

First night of Knockouts (10/28/13):
At this point in the season I’m not really attached to any of the artists. I also don’t know many of their names, later I might know more of who they are.

Christina’s first pairing I didn’t watch since I didn’t know the songs. From the little I did hear I agree with her choice.

CeeLo’s first knockouts: WOW! Kat was awesome. Her rendition of You Ought to Know was really great. Monica was really good, but I’m not as much of a fan of the song she picked. (Hit the Road Jack)

Blake’s first knockouts: Holly singing Radiohead’s Creep was a great choice on her part. She was one of my favorites so far. She seems so sweet, but can be quite haunting. Nic, well wasn’t a fan of the Genie in a Bottle rendition. But then I haven’t really liked that song in years. And his voice is almost nails on a chalkboard, kind of like Adam’s depend on the song.

Adam’s first knockouts: Ashley, while I like her voice, don’t like the song choice. Not her fault that I’ve never liked the song. Tessanne has such a powerful voice. It’s just fun to hear her talk. Her rendition of Stronger was really good.

Blake’s second knockouts: Briana is a good singer, but for some reason I don’t normally remember her performances. But every time they remind you of who she’s related to I remember that part of her story. Shelbie is a good country singer, at least I think so, since I don’t listen to country I don’t have a very good sense of what’s good or not.

Adam’s second knockouts: Grey vs. James. The beginning of Grey’s performance her vocals seemed to be off in timing with the band. And even in parts throughout, it felt like they weren’t syncing well. I found James’ voice to be relaxing. And even after pausing the TV for a while after his performance the song was still in my head.

Christina’s second knockouts: Destinee vs. Olivia. Again with country I don’t really watch these. If I don’t know the songs I have much less interest.

CeeLo’s second knockouts: Cole vs. Jonny. I like qualities about both of their voices. I think they did really well with their performances. I favored The Beatles pick though.

Of course the bantering of coaches as they try to get artists on their teams creates some amusing moments. Like Adam telling Cole not to look into Blake’s eyes for too long.

Dracula “A Whiff of Sulphur”

Trying this show again, on the second episode. I just cannot watch this show anymore. There’s just something about it that makes it hard to follow. The only thing it ever had going for it was Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But him as an American, ugh just can’t stand how he sounds. Beyond that I just don’t find the storyline to be all that intriguing to watch long term.


Parenthood “The M Word”

You can get lost with this show so quickly it’s not even funny. There are so many characters and they all have families of their own to try and keep up with. I feel that some story lines are only touched on once in a while, making it hard to remember. Luckily they have a previously on… at the beginning of episodes to remind us where the characters left off.

Oh the greatness of becoming a parent. For Crosby this becomes very real when he has to go mini van shopping. And trade in his classic car to boot. Crosby struggles with the mini van and being an adult, while trying to stay hip for the Luncheonette clientele. When the band that is currently recording there suggested a little day drinking Crosby decided to join in. This turns into evening and Jasmine calls him to remind him to pick up diapers and that they are having dinner with her mom. The band has the great idea of having Jasmine coming to pick them all up and take them home, and stop at a drive-thru. While they were in the drive-thru one of the band members commented on how great Jasmine was. This helped warm Crosby up to the van. The next day Jasmine found him in it because it was growing on him. And of course he discovered the back seats recline…

In Christina’s camp she’s busy preparing to continue campaigning for mayor. The whole family is helping by knocking on doors. During what looks to be a farmer’s market type setting she sees Little. He drives his bus in and is blaring Blurred Lines, not what I would an ideal choice for a Mayoral candidate, but what do I know. After the run-in Christina starts to practice debating, but she refuses to use Max as a point for why she is running. During the debate a mother asks what the future mayor would do to help make sure kids like her daughter, who is deaf, succeed. Christina braves up and interrupts Little to share her story about Max. She then proceeds to give the woman her phone number, wanting to help whether she wins or not. This move gets her in the polls. And solidifies the reason why she is running. As Max said, “You’re a statistical anomaly.”

In Sarah’s world she and Amber continue their fight over the impending marriage. Amber goes to Drew to ask him to be the witness for her because she wants to just go to City Hall and get married. Drew refused on the basis that family should be a part of the wedding. While this was happening Sarah went to see her mom. Camille pointed out that after stating their opinion on Sarah’s marriage she refused to talk to them for a couple of years. This gave Sarah the advise she needed to smooth things over with Amber. I guess we will be looking forward to another wedding episode on the show.

Zeke, in his own way, finally talks to Camille about the condo. They check one out, and Zeke took away from that to build a fire pit. After he was finished with it Camille told him she decided she is going to Italy for a month with her art class, alone. When the whole family came to dinner at the end this happens to be mentioned. So the results of that look to be next week. (Or a few weeks ago, however you want to look at it.)

Joel is really busy with his new job. He had to leave Julia while they were campaigning door-to-door for Christina. Julia bribes the kids to go with her and the first house they go to happens to be that of Ed Brooks. Of course the kids wanted to hang out so she says “10 minutes.” That turned into snack-time which became a meal that Julia and Ed prepared. Just as everyone (kids included) were digging in Ed’s wife showed up, so Julia left in a rush of awkwardness. Joel tried to make up for bailing on her by cooking dinner. Julia had to pretend she was hungry and even let the kids watch TV. She is trying very hard to keep from him how unhappy she is, this is going to blow up sometime soon.

First aired October 31, 2013 on NBC.