Superheroes and Revivals

As another season of TV comes to a close I am noticing a trend for next year’s shows. Superheroes and revivals will be in abundance. Unfortunately the good shows from this season, ones that make you think or are more complex were of course axed while every reality show and many crime shows are sticking around.

Here’s a quick rundown:

The CW (heaviest on the heros)
– Legends of Tomorrow
– Arrow
– The Flash
– Supergirl

– Gotham
– The Gifted (new 2017-18)

– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
– Inhumans (new 2017-18)

These are just off the top of my head, there might be more. Well I know there’s more on Netflix which I don’t have. (insert gasp here)

– American Idol (why?! It was awful the first time)
– Will & Grace
– Friends

While they’re reviving old 90s sitcoms they should bring back Dharma & Greg, both actors are out of jobs right now, so might as well get on the train while its moving forward.


The Tom/Joel & Caitlin/Jemma Conundrum

The Tom/Joel thing has been bugging me since the last season of tv. The shows these characters are on couldn’t be much more different, same as their characters (if you don’t know The Blacklist and Parenthood respectively). But the actors playing those characters, well they look too much alike to me and they end up muddled in my brain. I’ve noticed that is happening more often, there are even articles, well slideshow galleries, of actors that look related. With almost 50 shows that I watch, sometimes I just need actors to not look so similar.

A different pairing that has come up this season, which was not a problem last season is Caitlin (The Flash) and Jemma (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). They fill similar roles on their respective shows and have similar mannerisms. Since both shows deal with super heroes it gets confusing if I’m too tired while watching them.

Side by side they don’t look as much alike, for either pairing. But a few days apart on their respective shows, well sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

Scandal “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

As the title suggests this episode revolves heavily on Mellie’s story, her history with Fitz. Some huge things happen that really show that Mellie used to be human and how she became the political animal she is today.

So we start out seeing maybe 15 years prior. Before Fitz was in politics. He and Mellie are staying with his dad in California. Fitz is considering running for Governor. His dad brings in Cyrus, so this is when they all first meet.

Mellie is told, by Cyrus, she has to give up everything, and only be there for Fitz. But Fitz doesn’t want to be in politics as badly as everyone else wants him to be.

Mellie talks to Fitz’s dad one evening and as Grant Sr. puts it the next morning, “Things got a little out of hand.” That’s an understatement considering he raped Mellie. When she goes upstairs Fitz says he will stay and run for office if his dad apologizes to him. So when Grant Sr. talks to Mellie the next morning she lays out the deal for him, he apologizes, making it heartfelt, and she will not mention what happened. Obviously this happens because they have a party where she tells Fitz that she’s pregnant. Pretty sure this will be his dad’s kid, even though Mellie and Fitz had been trying.

Jump to present day and Mellie finally tells Fitz that he needs to be there for her. Even though he doesn’t really like her, she would appreciate if, for once he was there when she needed him. Shockingly enough just as she was covering for him during an interview he shows up. And he even stands up for her. Nice to see he’s willing to at least try.

Olivia continues to search about Remmington, and brings in the team to help her.

Her dad is hiding her mom under the name Omar, which the real Omar was inadvertently killed by Quinn, who is now a recruited member of B613. Since Huck has been distancing himself from her, she ended up in with one of the B613 agents and, well we’ll see where that develops, because it appears Olivia’s dad may be insuring he can kill her if necessary.

First aired November 14, 2013 on ABC.

Scandal “More Cattle, Less Bull”

Another jam packed episode. Great show with lots of drama.

Olivia holds up her bargain to have dinner with her dad. Meanwhile Huck and Ballard are trying to figure out what mistery Fitz is involved in with B613. While Olivia and her dad are at dinner Ballard is in Rowan Pope’s house copying files.

The fix it problem of this week is Congresswoman Josephine Marcus. She needs to cover up the fact that she had a baby at 15. At first she claims to have given up the baby, but after Olivia’s team goes to Montana they find out that Marcus’ “sister” Candace is really her daughter. As much as much as Marcus didn’t want Candace to find out, during a debate one of the other candidates called her out. After firing Olivia, Marcus comes around and asks Olivia to be her campaign manager for the upcoming election.

Now Olivia was already offered the same position by Mellie earlier. This also came with Mellie admitting that Fitz needs/wants Olivia. But Mellie wants to win so badly that she will do anything, even provide her husband with access to his mistress. This is after she and Cyrus tried to get Leo Bergen. He turned them down, but the Vice-President approached him in the bathroom at the State Dinner about running as an independent.

So this is a fun twist..Fitz and Mr. Pope are in cahoots about Reddington. Still unsure what exactly it means, but there seems to be a little teaser at the end. But for whatever reason Fitz wants Jake to be kept safe to keep Olivia happy.

Fitz wants to take down B613, which creates a conspiracy theory. Cyrus told him he’ll meet his own “man on the grassy Knoll” if he keeps pushing and asking too many questions. (JFK reference for anyone who doesn’t know.)

Something that seems to be developing more for later is Quinn. She has been obsessed with Huck and how he can get information from people through torture. Also just in general being violent or killing people seems to really make her happy. Oh and computer hacking is another thing she is really excelling at. Because of her actions the last few weeks she has been sidelined from the team. She wasn’t allowed to work with them in Montana, but she had to be there. After returning the tech equipment to a local store she was told she could only get in store credit. She eyed some guns and had them shipped to her in D.C. So we’ll see how this develops.

In the end Huck and Jake figure out that Fitz shot down the plane that killed Olivia’s mom by her dad’s orders. This might be the whole Reddington thing, but I’m not really sure since sometimes I get a bit lost as to what’s happening.

First aired October 31, 2013 on ABC.

Once Upon a Time “Good Form”

This episode of Once we get to delve deeper into the history of Hook and Neverland. It was interesting seeing Hook before he became Hook. Most of the show surrounded Charming and Hook with flashbacks to Hook’s first journey.

Learning that Hook used to be a military guy and had a brother was a bit shocking. He really was someone with morals. Once learning the truth about why he was sent to Neverland for dreamshade, that it wasn’t a plant to help people he didn’t want to obey orders. It also helps to explain his knowledge of the stuff.

The main thing after seeing this episode I am now wondering how Charming will be able to either get back to our land or event the Enchanted Forest. The only way to stop the spread of dreamshade is by drinking from a spring that has magical powers from the island. A reason why no one ages. Peter Pan helped Hook save his brother many years ago, but Hook learned that once you’ve drunk from the spring you can’t leave Neverland. It’s also interesting to know that Hook worked for Pan at one point, so really he may not be as evil as we were raised to believe.

At the end Emma and Hook have a little make-out session, but Pan kills the mood for Hook just a little bit later. Pan informs Hook that Neil is alive and is leaving it up to Hook to be the better man and let her know this little bit of information.

Overall a good episode, learned a lot about Hook’s history and that maybe he’s a descent guy after all, or at least has the potential to be. I’m still holding out for a Regina/Hook thing to happen.

Originally aired October 27, 2013 on ABC.