Nationwide “Baby”

The music makes this commercial. I don’t think it would be as effective or as cute if they had chosen something else. While the commercial can be a little disturbing with larger-than-life babies, and maybe a little odd/confusing the first time you watch it, it eventually will click what is happening.

The creative team did a good job showing the relationship some people, especially men, have with their cars. It conveys the message and is entertaining to boot.


Sprint “Friend Request”

This commercial is a must see. Too bad friend request notifications can’t be dramatically read by James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell normally. I wouldn’t hear it all that often, but hey that would be awesome wouldn’t it? I even rewind when I see that commercial. It’s just so entertaining.

Guess what I just saw last night! Another Sprint commercial. This one is called “Total Hottie”. It’s hilarious to see these two well known actors talking like teenage girls. They must have had some fun making this commercial.