Why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl

Or record it for that matter. I find that it’s a huge waste of time and energy, but it does seem to bring people closer together the day after in the office.

First of all I don’t watch sports, I don’t follow them, I barely keep track of the beloved Huskers except to see when might be a good time to go to the store. I don’t understand the fascination of watching people throw balls around. I really don’t understand the need to scream at a TV, it really won’t change a thing.

If you haven’t noticed the name of this blog it’s OntheDVR, guess why?? I don’t watch much of anything live. I even pay for Dish to get AutoHop on maybe 5 channels. It’s so sad when I’m on a cable station and it doesn’t just skip ahead automatically. I know I have a commercial section on here, but it hasn’t been updated in years. Seriously I think it’s been 4 years since I’ve seen a commercial worth sharing. Well except the Kia Soul commercials, but those are just awesome normally. So this is another reason why the Super Bowl holds very little interest to me.

Finally, Justin Timberlake, who cares?! I didn’t like him back in the *NSYNC days, don’t like him now. His voice grates like nails on a chalkboard. Last year I was almost tempted to watch because of Lady Gaga, but still just watched the replay almost instantly on YouTube. That for sure didn’t happen this year.

If you really care what I was doing while all of you were glued to the TV, I was sharing the fact that I kept a plant alive since October. Something tangible and worthwhile to share. Surprisingly enough I actually got people engaged in conversation over it.

So there you have it, why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and what I did instead.


Nationwide “Baby”

The music makes this commercial. I don’t think it would be as effective or as cute if they had chosen something else. While the commercial can be a little disturbing with larger-than-life babies, and maybe a little odd/confusing the first time you watch it, it eventually will click what is happening.

The creative team did a good job showing the relationship some people, especially men, have with their cars. It conveys the message and is entertaining to boot.

Sprint “Friend Request”

This commercial is a must see. Too bad friend request notifications can’t be dramatically read by James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell normally. I wouldn’t hear it all that often, but hey that would be awesome wouldn’t it? I even rewind when I see that commercial. It’s just so entertaining.

Guess what I just saw last night! Another Sprint commercial. This one is called “Total Hottie”. It’s hilarious to see these two well known actors talking like teenage girls. They must have had some fun making this commercial.