Undercover Boss “Maaco”

As with most Undercover Boss episodes I’m not all that familiar with the business. Maaco, I believe, paints cars, at least that’s what their TV ads say they do. President Jose Costa goes undercover in this episode to find out how he can improve the way Maaco runs. He has little if no knowledge about cars and only cares about money. That is one of my biggest peeves about most large companies like this one, the money is the only thing that matters, everyone is dispensable. Part of why I watch this show is so that if I am able to run a company someday I can always remember, the people that help get you your outrageous paycheck need more than a thank you email every quarter. 

Jim body tech 
Prediction: retraining, money for kid college
What Happened:  30 days to change his work total $0

Christian painter
Prediction: money probably $20k, vacation, pay for parents to visit, mentoring
What Happened: training/mentoring in business, Spanish speaking training program, flying parents to America for birth, rent for 1 year, $20,000 for personal use total $20,000 + travel expense for parents + rent for 1 year

Matt Franchise Owner
Prediction: money to fix building, maybe get second location
What Happened: $35,000 for store remodel and signage with upgrades total $35,000

Rambo utility
Prediction: medical bills, money for personal use ($10k), get him an indoor space
What Happened: build a workstation, $20,000 for personal use total $20,000 + new building

Acey detailer
Prediction: train other people, college money for kids, cash for personal use ($10k)
What Happened: family vacation, college fund $5,000 each, $25,000 for personal use, $10,000 down payment on house. total $55,000 + vacation

First aired January 2, 2015 on CBS.


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