Undercover Boss “Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill”

This seems to be another episode of a Hooters/Twin Peaks/Tilted Kilt type establishment. How many of these are out there really? And how many near naked female servers do we have to see on this show?? The guy in charge is Doug Guller, he has quite the stake in the company since he founded it. (Not an original idea though, so not impressed). He’s only in this business because it’s “recession proof.” *GAG* This is going to be the longest. episode. ever, and I’m only 10 minutes in as I write this.

This guy has zero concept of why he can’t attract and keep quality talent. He’s asking for just short of a stripper or prostitute to work for him, there are only so many women comfortable with that. And the sad truth is women with educations (or at least once that get said education) won’t need to work in an establishment such as his. He just knows that sex and sports sells, yes, it does, but the people willing to sell themselves that way are harder to come by then he’s been lead to believe. 

Jessica bartender 
Prediction: be let go
What Happened:  he let her go total $0

Henry kitchen supervisor
Prediction: money- up to $10k, add dishwasher position, vacation time (paid for), back pay since start of position to current
What Happened: 30% raise, all back pay from promotion start, $10,000 for a family vacation total $10,000 + back pay + 30% raise

Grace Bikinis Babe
Prediction: help with marketing, speak to management, money for being decent employee
What Happened: she will lead efforts for new bikini girl model, 6 months of exceptional service she gets a boob job. total whatever a boob job costs ($10-20k?)

Megan manager
Prediction: more convenient tv station, money probably $10-20k, down payment for house, medical expenses
What Happened: use her social media idea to recruit more servers, consulting position to help promote employees, 8% raise, paying for dental expenses for daughter, $10,000 for new housetotal $10,000 + 8% raise + medical expenses

I hope that Doug took something away from this experience. His business is not original. Sometimes a room full of “sexy” women isn’t enough.

First aired December 28, 2014 on CBS.