Undercover Boss “Mayor of Pittsburgh”

The Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, has been in office since 2014 (10 months as of filming), so he’s new to this job. He’s spent many years (20ish) working in different areas of government. He can dedicate his life to his job, which is good in that position. As a single guy with no kids, he can really focus on the city. He claims to have been making many changes and wants to find out how that’s working out for everyone.

James environmental services (just a note on their uniforms…looks like they belong with the DOC not DES)
Prediction: money, help routes make more sense
What Happened: work to create more efficient routes, $5,000 for his aunt’s no-kill shelter, $10,000 to help his mom, $20,000 to help get out of foreclosure, and pay down mortgage. total $35,000

Lawrence housing authority carpenter
Prediction: money, help starting ministry or starting mentoring program for kids in the state housing to learn the carpentry trade (could be rolled into 1 very large project)
What Happened: create program to help youth in workforce development, $5,000 to help foster kids, investment of $20,000 for him to build a church. total $25,000

Marty forestry division
Prediction: money for school, pay for Catholic school education or scholarship fund, new saw blades, some sort of advisory position
What Happened: new equipment, attempt to change working hours, $15,000 (from “friends”)  to make up for lost wages, gives city scholarship and “friends” will contribute the rest. total $15,000 + remaining college money

Kelly self-sufficiency coordinator
Prediction: pay for her son school or down payment for house, maybe both, get promotion, money for school
What Happened: promotion to supervisor with a $20,000 raise, “friends” donating $15,000 to send her back to law school, her son got $20,000 scholarship to pay for school, $20,000 down payment money for a house. total $75,000

All of these things are really great for these 4 employees, but now Bill is in a little bit of trouble. Read about the after effects of the show here.

First aired December 21, 2014 on CBS.