Sleepy Hollow is making me sleepy


This show was great for the first half of the first season. It’s been going downhill since then. Some episodes seem to drag more than others. Most shows you at least skip a little time between (traditionally a week), but this one feels like you get an hour by hour account of what is happening to the characters.

Now that I have seen the fall finale (finally), I’m not even sure why the show is coming back. It seems to me they destroyed Moloch and then the show no longer has a purpose. Once you kill the bad guy and fulfill whatever prophecy I can imagine a happy ending for the characters. I guess I’ll continue to record it, but if there’s a next season I probably won’t be joining.

The best part about this show is Icabod and his commentary, reactions, and general “old” use of the English language. But now I’m able to get something similar from Forever.