My Absence

To explain why I stopped writing on this blog in a nutshell is, I got about 6-8 weeks behind last season, depending on how busy each week was dependentĀ on how far behind I would get. So far this season is going a little better, only about 3 weeks behind. Still no spoilers coming from me! I normally hear about things that happened long before I get around to watching it. Like Sweets’ death on Bones. That one I didn’t see coming, and I’m not happy that they just replaced him with a non-psychologist version of himself. Don’t get how that will make the plot line move forward any better, but hey I’m not a writer for that show, just a commentator way after the air date.

Something I would like to do is more commentary, less overview of what happened. I have a few posts in my head, I just need to get them down on the computer. I keep finding myself with many other projects going on. Between crafting, photography and making attempts at cooking and baking (which you can find those hits here). So I just wanted to let my few followers know I am still alive, and this blog is definitely on my mind and I am hoping to get some new info to you before the end of the 14-15 tv season.