The Biggest Loser Second Chances

Week 14

As expected Rachel won the triathalon. Starting with the swimming gave her quite the advantage. Chelsea and Jennifer came in with the lowest numbers being automatically eliminated. Leaving Bobby, David, and Rachel as the final 3 to weigh in for the title of Biggest Loser.

Week 13

Makeover Week, everyone’s favorite. Of course everyone is all pretty, but there is a double elimination. 2 people under the red line. Marie and Tanya were sent home leaving the final 5 to battle it out in the triathalon.

Week 12

Since the Olympics have started this episode is fun to watch. They mentioned they weren’t able to use the gym whenever they wanted, I’m assuming since it was so close to the beginning of the Olympics the whole place was pretty packed with athletes.

There was a yellow line again this week. Jay ended up gaining a pound, putting him below the yellow line. And Bobby joined him with a 2 pound weight gain. They both had great arguments for staying, well for Jay it was just to stay through makeover week, but still a good goal either way. He was eventually the person sent home as he didn’t have much work left to do. Bobby lives on another week.

Week 11

Matt and Hap did end up going home, and Bobby came back by having the highest percentage of weight loss. Sadly they are bringing back the yellow line. I have been so happy without the voting. At least there hasn’t been all the unnecessary drama.

The yellow line brought Tumi and Tanya to the elimination. The other contestants found that Tumi was the bigger threat to them in the long run and sent her home. She’s been so quiet I don’t know how much I’ll notice she won’t be on the show anymore.

Week 10

This week the teams became individuals. They finally have to compete for themselves and no longer rely on their team members. It’s nice that everyone seems to be working harder to be there. But then there is a double elimination hovering. And thankfully it’s still a red line. I am so happy we don’t have to suffer through bawling at the table over how sad people are to vote another person off. Hap and Matt were sent home this week. Well sort of, the new twist. Matt and Hap along with everyone else who has been eliminated get to compete to come back to the ranch.

Week 9
So the curse of Jillian’s team strikes again. Her team lost a trivia challenge. They were made to work in a diner for the whole week, and then face training after that. But at least they were doing jobs that weren’t sitting all day. They had to clean, walk around, stand, all day, then work out. That’s about the best type of situation they could be in for the competition.

All of that movement paid off. White team wasn’t on the chopping block. Tumi had a great growth time, she really wanted a stable environment, being taken out of that she ended up losing 9 pounds. Doing better than the other 2 people on her team. Blue team lost the weigh in. Bobby was sent home with the lowest weight-loss for the week.

Week 8
So as for the double elimination…It’s only temporary and they get to take their trainer home. So at the spin of a wheel someone gets to go home for a week. So Jay is going home with Jillian. They’ll be back for the Week 8 weigh in. So we’ll see how this affects the white team.

Jay did a great job at the weigh in. He lost 12 pounds! Anyway Blue team didn’t do the greatest, but Red just sunk. So Ruben lost the least amount of weight and was sent home, again.

Week 7
Well it’s official Bob’s gay. So now all rumors can be put to rest. His team is at the biggest risk for losing the weigh in because they won the challenge to have 1 family member on the ranch for Thanksgiving.

The weigh in came down to the Blue and White teams. The Blue team lost for the second week in a row. They really got off their winning streak. Holley was eliminated because she had the least amount of weight loss. I am really liking this red line, a lot less tears, until this episode. Everyone was all tears. And then the biggest whammy was a double elimination. Which we will find out who else gets eliminated on the next episode.

Week 6
How annoyed can one get with the push ads for Subway? They don’t have food that’s all that fresh. I get sick anytime I eat their food because it’s not that good, or fresh, and in all honesty not the healthiest.

For the weigh in Blue Team finally lost a weigh in. With some reservation Bob used his trainer save on Matt, even though he wanted to save it for Chelsea.

Week 5

The nutrition week. Putting the contestants to the test on creating meals that kids would eat. Of course the Blue Team won the challenge.

This is the week that Jillian gets reprimanded for giving her team caffeine supplements instead of lots of coffee. So her team has a 4 pound disadvantage, Blue Team has immunity again. Oh and Ruben will be coming back. So quite the exciting weigh-in for everyone. Makes you wonder how awkward that taping was. And if Jillian will be returning next season. Anyway, White Team lost either way. Craig was sent home, I’m just glad there wasn’t a deliberation.

Week 4 (11/5/13):
Halloween week. They had a Temptation where out of a whole bunch of pumpkins one had a golden ticket with immunity. Some had money and others had candy. Blue team not only got a lot of the money they also ended up with immunity. Red and White team will be going head to head at the weigh in.

Ruben fell below the red line. So he was eliminated. It’s nice not having the contestants vote, it would just drag on. I’m sure it’s coming, but for now I can enjoy the red line.

Week 3 (10/29/13):
The teams are threatened with no gym equipment. Well sort of…this episode starts off with an auction, Biggest Loser style. 500 BL dollars to buy equipment at auction. Normally $500 wouldn’t get you very far in terms of a treadmill or weight set, but on the BL campus it can get you quite a bit. The results of the auction put the Red team with flour, sugar, and some tires for their workout equipment. Needless to say they didn’t fair the greatest for the weigh-in. But Dolvett had a breakthrough with Tanya and ended up using his Trainer Save to keep her on the ranch one more week. I think that was a great decision on his part, even her commentary after his save proves that he is helping to change her life. One of those lessons of just be nice to someone if you can, you never know how much it might affect them.

The other main point of this episode was to show that you can still workout without a fancy gym, or at least limited gym equipment. It seems the trainers are so used to situations like this they were able to just keep working with minimal whining fests. This is a nice improvement over previous seasons. I was also impressed with the contestants and their knowledge so early in the show on what they could do without gym equipment. Although this affected overall massive weight-loss as is normally seen, I think it helps to show actual “reality.” Not everyone can have a gym membership or the equipment at home, but you can still workout and lose a little weight at a time with some work.

I didn’t see too many new workouts to try out from this episode. I was hoping for some good tips or a new exercise to try out. Especially with the theme being not having a full gym.