Undercover Boss “Massage Heights”

Shane Evans President and COO of Massage Heights. She is running a very close knit family business. Businesses run with just family at the head normally have more problems than businesses that are able to be more objective and hire the right people for the job. I think Shane learned some good things about her company and what needed to happen to make it improve.


Prediction: pay off student loans. Help getting more clients
What happened: New marketing plan to help advertise new offering so she can have more opportunity to work. School loans are going to be paid off.


Prediction: Vacation. Franchise. Money for nieces, nephews, scholarships.
What happened: Franchisee training, all paid. Starting a fund for employees who are having trouble. He will receive $30,000 as the first recipient. 


Prediction: New training
What happened: Education on the Massage Heights products. $10,000 to a college fund so he can become a child physiologist.


Prediction: New computer system. Training. Dream wedding. Trip to see family. Vacation. Money.
What happened: New computer system for retreat. Sending her to corporate to learn to be a better director. Transfer to Michigan Massage Heights, pay for expenses of moving. $10,000 to get started in Michigan.


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