Scandal “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

As the title suggests this episode revolves heavily on Mellie’s story, her history with Fitz. Some huge things happen that really show that Mellie used to be human and how she became the political animal she is today.

So we start out seeing maybe 15 years prior. Before Fitz was in politics. He and Mellie are staying with his dad in California. Fitz is considering running for Governor. His dad brings in Cyrus, so this is when they all first meet.

Mellie is told, by Cyrus, she has to give up everything, and only be there for Fitz. But Fitz doesn’t want to be in politics as badly as everyone else wants him to be.

Mellie talks to Fitz’s dad one evening and as Grant Sr. puts it the next morning, “Things got a little out of hand.” That’s an understatement considering he raped Mellie. When she goes upstairs Fitz says he will stay and run for office if his dad apologizes to him. So when Grant Sr. talks to Mellie the next morning she lays out the deal for him, he apologizes, making it heartfelt, and she will not mention what happened. Obviously this happens because they have a party where she tells Fitz that she’s pregnant. Pretty sure this will be his dad’s kid, even though Mellie and Fitz had been trying.

Jump to present day and Mellie finally tells Fitz that he needs to be there for her. Even though he doesn’t really like her, she would appreciate if, for once he was there when she needed him. Shockingly enough just as she was covering for him during an interview he shows up. And he even stands up for her. Nice to see he’s willing to at least try.

Olivia continues to search about Remmington, and brings in the team to help her.

Her dad is hiding her mom under the name Omar, which the real Omar was inadvertently killed by Quinn, who is now a recruited member of B613. Since Huck has been distancing himself from her, she ended up in with one of the B613 agents and, well we’ll see where that develops, because it appears Olivia’s dad may be insuring he can kill her if necessary.

First aired November 14, 2013 on ABC.


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