Undercover Boss “Family Dollar”

Mike Bloom the President of Family Dollar. By dying his hair they definitely made him look younger. He’s quite the active guy and is new to Family Dollar. He was brought in 20 months ago. He really seems passionate about making positive changes to the company, even if they cost some money. As a public company that is a brave thing to do.


Prediction: She’ll get a guitar. She might be able to help create efficient processes. He’ll help her with college.
Results: Vacation to Nashville. $5,000 a year for up to 3 years to stay with Family Dollar. Find her a job within the company after she earns her degree.


Prediction: Getting a vacation, maybe some money to pay off debts. A promotion.
Results: Will pay $12k of his $18k debt. Promoted to manager in training. Now he’s going to be salaried, and will have a financial planner to help him manage his money.


Prediction: Money and a vacation. Maybe a new car.
Results: Send him to Rock N Roll fantasy camp. New car.


Prediction: Money of course. Promotion/training of more employees. Maybe a vacation college tuition for kids. Maybe help her go to college.
Results: Apartment for a year value of $15k. Promotion increasing her pay 40%. Apparently a value of $80k between everything.


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