Undercover Boss “Alfred Angelo”

[UPDATE 7/14/17]: Just saw on the news that Alfred Angelo is out of business. This show aired about 4 years ago, I guess they weren’t able to get things turned around after all.

CEO Paul Quentel looks better undercover, makes him look younger and more fun. I think it’s the pseudo Tony Stark thing they gave him. It’s interesting that Paul is a CEO of a company that he doesn’t know the industry of. But he does seem very eager to learn, which is always a good thing in management knowing you don’t always have the solution. Below you will find my predictions for the employees he worked with and what Paul gave them.

Prediction:Alona’s wedding will be paid for.
What they got: Changes how commission is paid. $10k to Alona for child care or other needs. Giving her dream wedding and a free dress.

Prediction: Money for a fashion line, maybe a promotion to HQ for design?
What they got: Design internship at HQ. $10k for design school.

Prediction: Money and a promotion, implement new computers.
What they got: Upgrading computers $2 mil worth. Lead committee for employee incentives. Providing all dresses for the wedding. $25k towards a home. $10k for furniture and moving expenses.

Prediction: Pay for wedding.
Result: Work with a committee to help employ more people with disabilities. Donate $10k to charity of her choice. $15k for her.

First aired November 1, 2013 on CBS.


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