Reign “Kissed”

This is my favorite new show of the season. I don’t know what makes it so awesome because I’m sure most of it is embellished history, but nonetheless I look forward to seeing it. The music is pretty awesome too. Sometimes the costumes are, I’m not sure if they match up with the style of the time, but I don’t see a show going too far off base with period costumes.

Francis is starting to like Mary, he’s actually putting forth effort to try and help her. Scotland is under attack from England and Mary needs troops sent. Of course the King won’t help so Mary decides to take things into her own hands. She ends up agreeing to marry the next ruler of Portugal. Francis tells her that’s what needs to be done and gives her her first kiss. AWW.

The King and one of Mary’s girls are still sneaking around. Francis is using this against the King to try and pull leverage. He did, and sent Bash to tell the troops to leave for Scotland to help. Bash comes back mortally wounded and it appears that the King had something to do with tipping England off. He is teaching Francis not to rule with his heart. Which is why he told Mary that she should agree to the marriage and alliance with Portugal.

When Tomás was with Mary to see off the troops to help Scotland, the prediction from Nostradamus was fulfilled.

First aired October 31, 2013 on The CW.


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