The Millers “Giving the Bird”

I don’t know why but this show is just hilarious. I’ve liked it from the first episode, and yet I have nothing to relate to with it. Anyway here’s what happened on “Giving the Bird.”

This episode is all about how Carol is never wrong, ever. Even when you think she’s wrong, she’s really not. She does a great job with “You can’t handle the truth!” Carol proves yet again that she is the glue that holds the family together. We also learn that a lot of the times when the kids thought it was their mom it was really Tom, who was drunk, causing the problems.

The history behind my photo choice for this post comes from the fact that Nathan failed to get a Halloween costume. He found streamers and ribbon at Debbie’s house and Carol made him a costume.

While out trick or treating Nathan and Debbie decide to go to a house that Carol said belonged to a witch. There they find a parrot that Nathan thought he let escape. In reality Carol took it to the neighbor. She brings it back, chaos insues and of course Carol saves the day by giving the bird back to the “witch.” Thus proving she knows what is right for everyone.

First aired October 31, 2013 on CBS.


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