The Crazy Ones “Hugging the Now”

This show I have continued watching mostly because of the cast. Most of the episodes I don’t find all that funny, but the field of work that it’s set in I can kind of relate to. Working in publishing you deal with similar situations, but not to the extreme they do. I’m still waiting for this show to get better, but it’s ok for now. If this was in any way real it would be quite disturbing. Especially with all of the sexual references and the office dynamics. A bit too much TMI.

This episode is based around Simon being nominated for the Creative of the Year Advertising Impact Award. He is running against an old high school crush of Sydney’s, Josh. Lauren has a great idea for marketing Simon to help him win, but Sydney ends up telling him over her weekend rendezvous.

After finding out that Josh used Lauren’s idea, Sydney is devastated. But luckily during the cocktail party the office held for all of the nominees Sydney had shared with Zach and Andrew her secret fantasy. She has this snowglobe that has a couple dancing in it. So after Simon loses the award to Josh they are at a bar where Zach and Andrew help make her fantasy a reality.

Honestly I’m waiting for Sydney to get together with Andrew, but that would complicate things and probably make the show more awkward than it already is.

First aired October 31, 2013 on CBS.


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