Elementary “An Unnatural Arrangement”

We get to see growth in the relationship between Sherlock and Joan. Sherlock is his usual insensitive self, but Joan finally made something click for him so that he was finally able to open up a little to her. She now has his trunk of old cases that he was unable to solve. As he kept stating throughout the episode they are partners, as such Joan is now able to go through cases Sherlock was unable to solve and see if she has any insights. I am interested to see if anything comes from this in later episodes.

The main case of this episode involves Captain Gregson and his wife. Who we find out have been separated for a while. She had to fend off an intruder who had the wrong house thanks to the internet. Two people are killed before the show is over, both of which were in Afghanistan working security for an archeologist. When Joan and Sherlock found one of them she shouted as if she was in the ER on some doctor show. It just felt out of place.

This archeologist turns out had an affair with one of them and stole artifacts to sell. Since her return she reconciled with her husband and they were working together to take down the other people who knew about the smuggled artifacts.

The archeologist has a female dog who hates unfamiliar men and is named Gotham. I just find that to be a strange name, not just for a dog, but for anything outside of the Batman franchise.

The Captain asked Sherlock for some insight into why his wife was apparently seeing a guy she has known her whole life. Sherlock came back with some good insight. He thought that maybe his wife was spending time with the one man the Captain didn’t want her to be around because she was trying to get his attention. And that marriage should be viewed more like a partnership. That’s what the Captain and his wife had before and that’s what the Captain should try to get back.

In the end the Captain takes Gotham to his wife and tells her she can take all the time she needs and he would take that time to think about what he can do better. AWW.

First aired October 31, 2013 on CBS.


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