The Tomorrow People “Kill Or Be Killed”

The Tomorrow People is a new show on The CW. I’m still not sure what I think of it. It’s of the SCi-Fi variety, which I do like a lot of those types of shows, but this one has so much back story that’s unknown and sometimes even the story itself seems a bit piecemealed together. I have a hard time paying attention the whole show. So these reviews might be pretty short.

This episode focuses mostly on John and Jedikiah’s past. Who would have known they know each other. 15 years ago Jedikiah showed up to John’s foster home to take him away. It is also in these flashbacks that we learn that The Tomorrow People have a part of them that can’t kill others. Jedikiah knows about this and has developed something to block the part of their brains that prevent killing. This ushers in Killian. (On a side note this seems to be the most popular name for characters, I think it’s at least the third show in the last few weeks to have a Killian. There are books with names, maybe the writers should check those out.) Now off my rant, the name Killian is actually a good choice because he loves killing people. This is thanks to Jedikiah’s training program that he put Killian and John through.

So to take down Killian Jedikiah has enlisted the help of John. Since John thinks of Jedikiah as a father he really thought he was doing something to help. Well Jedikiah really wanted to kill them both, so in the end John kills Killian and is upset because he hadn’t killed anyone in years. Before this last fight we learn more about John’s training and that he can be in multiple places at once.

Oh and before Killian was killed he tried to blow up Jedikiah, of course Stephen saves him.

On a very side note this show is sponsored by Windows, yay! Getting to see real computers being used is nice. And if you didn’t notice the title of this episode you’ll be able to figure it out by the end. I think they said it as least 4 times throughout.

In the end John shows up in Jedikiah’s new vehicle and threatens him with The Tomorrow People no longer being passive and nice. Looks like a war is gearing up.

Originally aired October 30, 2013 on The CW.


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