Revolution “Dead Man Walking”

This is a jam packed episode, just like all episodes of Revolution. There were few flashbacks this time with all of them centering on Monroe’s past. Almost a how he got that way type of thing. We get to see the birth of the Monroe Republic.

Another fairly large chuck of the show is dedicated to Tom Neville and his son Jason. Jason has been taken to a reprogramming facility to train him to be a heartless solider. While he and Tom duke it out for a while the now friend former Secretary Justine Allenford. We find out she also had a soon, he is still alive, but he had been put through an earlier program like the one Jason was in and she no longer thinks of him as a person. Allenford come to the rescue just in time as Jason tries to choke Tom to death. After being subdued Jason reveals to Tom that Tom’s wife Julia cheated on him with a Major of the Monroe Militia.

The plot twist of this episode is when we find out that Monroe’s plan to start a war between Texas and the Patriots completely backfires because, well, Texas and the Patriots are buddies. Oh and Rachel’s dad is the mole/informant to the Patriots. Which is why she and Miles have been left alone, but the Patriots are getting edgy about it. Don’t meddle with those Patriots, they get angry and like to kill people. Which is something Allenford discovered last week.

In terms of Monroe’s past we learn 3 years after the blackout he had a girlfriend or wife, a lady friend of some sort, who was pregnant. She and the baby died giving birth, and well the Monroe Militia/Republic was born. He becomes unstable and lethal at that point. We see the softer side of Miles, in that he wasn’t so blood thirsty. Before Monroe was put to death he and Miles have a moment which ends quickly when Miles informs Monroe he knew he had a son with Emma. So we’ll see where that goes since it appears at the end the Monroe wasn’t really put to death. Just had something to make it appear that way. Making it a bit shaky on what side Dr. Porter (Rachel’s dad) is on.

First aired October 30, 2013 on NBC.


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