Arrow “Crucible”

The villain of this episode is self dubbed “The Mayor.” He feels that running the Glades like a gang with military grade weapons and violence is a good idea. Of course you don’t want to cross paths with the Hood or now the masked blonde (Black Canary) who run around getting the bad guys.

This week we get to learn just who that masked blonde is…spoiler! it’s Laurel’s supposedly dead sister Sarah aka Black Canary. spoiler!

Now Laurel is having problems of her own, becoming an alcoholic like her dad, so he asks Oliver to talk to her. She doesn’t really take to that too well.

So back to Sarah, poor Oliver has to keep her secret, but he’s working on her to get her to tell her family that she’s alive. Which apparently he’s known. They were on the island together and in the last flashback he has she shows up after he’s been deemed strong enough. Because being shot and having to stitch yourself up is a sign of being strong.

Anyway, Black Canary and Arrow/The Hood, go to stop the next shipment of The Mayor’s. Ollie told her to keep him alive, The Mayor calls her a b*tch and well she snaps his neck. But it turns out that The Mayor really wasn’t the bad guy after all. The Sebastian Blood guy who has been meeting with Oliver over cleaning up the glades is actually Brother Blood, this really bad guy. So we’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes everyone to figure out who he really is. And that he’s creating a drug laced army. Maybe a new version of Vertigo?

Originally aired October 30, 2013 on The CW.


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