CSI “Passed Pawns”

An episode around the casino scenes. They have added a new day shift guy Sean Yeager, maybe a new regular? He and Morgan aren’t really the greatest of friends at first, but people seem to think they’ll become a couple. I guess that’s a wait and see thing for down the road.

So there’s this guy, who is homeless, he gets murdered. He won really big at the Blackjack tables at some old-school casino. So the blame gets shifted around from person to person. Finally landing on a mother who owns a pawn shop. Turns out she’s crazy and killed the guy, and staged it to be like some drug lord. Which is why the team for a while thought this drug lord was involved.

Well Brass goes crazy on said drug lord after finding out that the floor manager at the casino killed a security guy from the casino. Well you know like the old days when you just took care of problems by killing them. Not sure the whole point of the scene with Brass and the drug lord, unless it was to fill space, or give him more screen time. Either way it was just an interesting side to him, losing control a little bit.

In D.B.’s world he’s having a little marital trouble. Now we know how DB will be leaving.. Knocking on a dream house door in Seattle with his wife. She already knocked on said door and wants to pick up and move, where D.B. said he feels that he still has work to do. So not getting rid of anyone yet.

Originally aired October 30, 2013 on CBS.


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