Person of Interest “Mors Praematura”

Oh Root and Shaw. What a deadly duo those two make. This episode starts out with a reminder of Root taking Shaw by force in the middle of the night. When Shaw fails to check in with Finch, he decides to send Reese after her while he attempts to handle a new number on his own.

Even though Carter wasn’t a huge part of this episode I found her character’s story development to be interesting. After last week when she very coolly took on her partner, Laskey, this week she learns more about why he was chosen to be a part of HR. Carter is trying to help the poor kid out telling him that being involved with HR is just going to end badly. Until a long-time friend of his is killed and Laskey has to bury him he continued to brush off Carter’s warnings. It seems that now he will be taking her advise and warnings more seriously. In case you’re wondering what Laskey’s big secret is, well he’s actually a Russian plant for HR to keep their deal with the Russian mob. I just can’t see this ending well for those involved. Hopefully Carter will get to the head of HR and take them down before the corruption takes down all of law and order.

The ending was quite interesting with a scene between Root and Finch. It appears Shaw wasn’t really under Roots’ spell for very long. Root now has an anklet and will be under the watch of Finch, locked up in a library. I can see this backfiring, her reading a lot. Either way right now she doesn’t have communication with the machine and Finch leaving her with the thought of maybe the machine wants her out of contact for a while. I see Roots character maybe continuing as a more prevalent character at least until we learn who is trying to destroy the machine.

Originally aired October 29, 2013 on CBS.


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