Criminal Minds “In the Blood”

And we have a self-flogger. The actual word associated with this type of person isn’t coming to me, but maybe you get the picture of what type of criminal they are dealing with. They really ran a twist with making you think it was one creepy guy, only to turn on you and make it the delusional librarian.

The things they come up with for these shows. This guy believes he is taking down witches of Salem. Very frightening what the brain can do.

The team quickly finds a profile for the guy, right age, and type of job. It’s of course just a matter of time before he’s caught by the best criminal profiling team. Dr. Reid gets to showcase his talents and research skills by discovering what person the Unsub is channeling. I wish my brain could make connections with neon highlighted info.

The end of this episode had the group together for Día de Muertos sharing photos of the people that were special to them. A nice ending after taking down a disturbed Unsub.

Originally aired October 30, 2013 on CBS.


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