The Blacklist “No. 152 Gina Zanetakos”

I’m starting out this episode wondering if Elizabeth will be kidnapped or put in harms way for whatever reason. So far this season there seems to be the theme every episode of Elizabeth almost dying. But looks like this episode will be focused on her husband. I have been curious about him since Elizabeth found his secret box. No matter what most episodes make me think I’m watching the made-for-TV version of Salt.

So far this show is so interwoven with so many things it’s hard to keep track. I almost need a guide to keep up with all of the side things that happen and might be relevant later.

This episode has quite the plot twist that shows Reddington has more control in terms of what he orchestrates than meets the eye. Straining the relationship that he and Elizabeth had been building. As much as the show appears to revolve around Elizabeth, it really is centered on Reddington and what his overall plan is. It’s quite interesting how he orchestrates so much. And how one person can be so far ahead and so much smarter than everyone else.

The other curious plot point with Tom is the group of mysterious people who have tapped the Keene household, they seem to be interested in who he really is. For now it appears that Elizabeth believes him, but from the end of this episode it seems there is still more to Tom than meets the eye.

Originally aired October 28, 2013 on NBC.


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