Once Upon a Time “Good Form”

This episode of Once we get to delve deeper into the history of Hook and Neverland. It was interesting seeing Hook before he became Hook. Most of the show surrounded Charming and Hook with flashbacks to Hook’s first journey.

Learning that Hook used to be a military guy and had a brother was a bit shocking. He really was someone with morals. Once learning the truth about why he was sent to Neverland for dreamshade, that it wasn’t a plant to help people he didn’t want to obey orders. It also helps to explain his knowledge of the stuff.

The main thing after seeing this episode I am now wondering how Charming will be able to either get back to our land or event the Enchanted Forest. The only way to stop the spread of dreamshade is by drinking from a spring that has magical powers from the island. A reason why no one ages. Peter Pan helped Hook save his brother many years ago, but Hook learned that once you’ve drunk from the spring you can’t leave Neverland. It’s also interesting to know that Hook worked for Pan at one point, so really he may not be as evil as we were raised to believe.

At the end Emma and Hook have a little make-out session, but Pan kills the mood for Hook just a little bit later. Pan informs Hook that Neil is alive and is leaving it up to Hook to be the better man and let her know this little bit of information.

Overall a good episode, learned a lot about Hook’s history and that maybe he’s a descent guy after all, or at least has the potential to be. I’m still holding out for a Regina/Hook thing to happen.

Originally aired October 27, 2013 on ABC.


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