2 Broke Girls “And the Piece of Sheet”

Another episode of mostly not funny one-liners. I’m not entirely sure why I still watch this show. Season 1 was great, then it turned into bad one-liners. I guess I’m holding out for the writing to improve.

The majority of the episode revolves around Caroline’s decision to buy Max new sheets, which backfires. And Caroline whining, oh my, for being a half hour show there was just too much. But hey, they made a profit.

Another thing that irks me is the first time Sophie makes an appearance the audience is required to cheer.

I would say this is a missable episode. There wasn’t much development and revolved too around Caroline and her obsession with her hair.

Originally aired October 28, 2013 on CBS.


One thought on “2 Broke Girls “And the Piece of Sheet”

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