Witches of East End “A Few Good Talisman”

This was quite the busy episode. Mostly focusing on the Shifter and Joanna. We finally got to see the Shifter and his history with Joanna. She ends up killing him, but finds out there is someone who is sending shifters after Joanna, so this isn’t the end. We also get to see her showing more of her powers.

Ingrid is seeing the results of her resurrection spell, but that was left open-ended on who it actually will affect.

Freya’s life is as complicated as always, less interaction with her and Killian. I’m still hoping Freya and Killian get together. She’s trying to work on her powers and use magic more freely than Ingrid does.

Wendy is in revenge mode for Joanna. She seduces a scientist (Freddie Prinze, Jr.)  just to get a butterfly with magical powers. I wonder if that relationship will go anywhere. Either way she’s a fun character to have on the show.


Originally aired October 27, 2013 on Lifetime.


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