Drop Dead Diva “Guess Who’s Coming”

What an enlightening episode. It starts out with Jane dreaming about being on a game show where you have to have someone in order to get a trip, otherwise you get a table for one.  Deb’s mom gets into a bit of trouble over soliciting sex. So imagine that, you’re hearing this from someone who doesn’t know you’re actually their daughter, I’m surprised she could keep her face straight. Apparently there’s a G-sopt enhancement surgery, which ended up saving the day. There can’t be a loss at trial, then the Hollywood factor would be gone.

In other big news of the episode Grayson and Nicole broke up. (Yay!) One step closer to seeing Jane and Grayson get together. He realized that he just can’t be with someone else. Sadly just as Jane was going to tell him how she felt Stacy came in to tell her that Jane’s mom collapsed. So we are still left waiting for a Jane/Grayson reunion.

On Stacy and Owen’s relationship, well Stacey broke up with him. But Owen is willing to stay around. I think maybe he’s fallen hard for her. I just hope she’s not a rebound, that would be too much drama.

Overall the episode had some small character building moments with some interesting legal tidbits as usual.

Originally aired October 27, 2013 on Lifetime.


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