Undercover Boss “Alfred Angelo”

[UPDATE 7/14/17]: Just saw on the news that Alfred Angelo is out of business. This show aired about 4 years ago, I guess they weren’t able to get things turned around after all.

CEO Paul Quentel looks better undercover, makes him look younger and more fun. I think it’s the pseudo Tony Stark thing they gave him. It’s interesting that Paul is a CEO of a company that he doesn’t know the industry of. But he does seem very eager to learn, which is always a good thing in management knowing you don’t always have the solution. Below you will find my predictions for the employees he worked with and what Paul gave them.

Prediction:Alona’s wedding will be paid for.
What they got: Changes how commission is paid. $10k to Alona for child care or other needs. Giving her dream wedding and a free dress.

Prediction: Money for a fashion line, maybe a promotion to HQ for design?
What they got: Design internship at HQ. $10k for design school.

Prediction: Money and a promotion, implement new computers.
What they got: Upgrading computers $2 mil worth. Lead committee for employee incentives. Providing all dresses for the wedding. $25k towards a home. $10k for furniture and moving expenses.

Prediction: Pay for wedding.
Result: Work with a committee to help employ more people with disabilities. Donate $10k to charity of her choice. $15k for her.

First aired November 1, 2013 on CBS.


Dracula “A Whiff of Sulphur”

Trying this show again, on the second episode. I just cannot watch this show anymore. There’s just something about it that makes it hard to follow. The only thing it ever had going for it was Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But him as an American, ugh just can’t stand how he sounds. Beyond that I just don’t find the storyline to be all that intriguing to watch long term.


Reign “Kissed”

This is my favorite new show of the season. I don’t know what makes it so awesome because I’m sure most of it is embellished history, but nonetheless I look forward to seeing it. The music is pretty awesome too. Sometimes the costumes are, I’m not sure if they match up with the style of the time, but I don’t see a show going too far off base with period costumes.

Francis is starting to like Mary, he’s actually putting forth effort to try and help her. Scotland is under attack from England and Mary needs troops sent. Of course the King won’t help so Mary decides to take things into her own hands. She ends up agreeing to marry the next ruler of Portugal. Francis tells her that’s what needs to be done and gives her her first kiss. AWW.

The King and one of Mary’s girls are still sneaking around. Francis is using this against the King to try and pull leverage. He did, and sent Bash to tell the troops to leave for Scotland to help. Bash comes back mortally wounded and it appears that the King had something to do with tipping England off. He is teaching Francis not to rule with his heart. Which is why he told Mary that she should agree to the marriage and alliance with Portugal.

When Tomás was with Mary to see off the troops to help Scotland, the prediction from Nostradamus was fulfilled.

First aired October 31, 2013 on The CW.

Scandal “More Cattle, Less Bull”

Another jam packed episode. Great show with lots of drama.

Olivia holds up her bargain to have dinner with her dad. Meanwhile Huck and Ballard are trying to figure out what mistery Fitz is involved in with B613. While Olivia and her dad are at dinner Ballard is in Rowan Pope’s house copying files.

The fix it problem of this week is Congresswoman Josephine Marcus. She needs to cover up the fact that she had a baby at 15. At first she claims to have given up the baby, but after Olivia’s team goes to Montana they find out that Marcus’ “sister” Candace is really her daughter. As much as much as Marcus didn’t want Candace to find out, during a debate one of the other candidates called her out. After firing Olivia, Marcus comes around and asks Olivia to be her campaign manager for the upcoming election.

Now Olivia was already offered the same position by Mellie earlier. This also came with Mellie admitting that Fitz needs/wants Olivia. But Mellie wants to win so badly that she will do anything, even provide her husband with access to his mistress. This is after she and Cyrus tried to get Leo Bergen. He turned them down, but the Vice-President approached him in the bathroom at the State Dinner about running as an independent.

So this is a fun twist..Fitz and Mr. Pope are in cahoots about Reddington. Still unsure what exactly it means, but there seems to be a little teaser at the end. But for whatever reason Fitz wants Jake to be kept safe to keep Olivia happy.

Fitz wants to take down B613, which creates a conspiracy theory. Cyrus told him he’ll meet his own “man on the grassy Knoll” if he keeps pushing and asking too many questions. (JFK reference for anyone who doesn’t know.)

Something that seems to be developing more for later is Quinn. She has been obsessed with Huck and how he can get information from people through torture. Also just in general being violent or killing people seems to really make her happy. Oh and computer hacking is another thing she is really excelling at. Because of her actions the last few weeks she has been sidelined from the team. She wasn’t allowed to work with them in Montana, but she had to be there. After returning the tech equipment to a local store she was told she could only get in store credit. She eyed some guns and had them shipped to her in D.C. So we’ll see how this develops.

In the end Huck and Jake figure out that Fitz shot down the plane that killed Olivia’s mom by her dad’s orders. This might be the whole Reddington thing, but I’m not really sure since sometimes I get a bit lost as to what’s happening.

First aired October 31, 2013 on ABC.

Parenthood “The M Word”

You can get lost with this show so quickly it’s not even funny. There are so many characters and they all have families of their own to try and keep up with. I feel that some story lines are only touched on once in a while, making it hard to remember. Luckily they have a previously on… at the beginning of episodes to remind us where the characters left off.

Oh the greatness of becoming a parent. For Crosby this becomes very real when he has to go mini van shopping. And trade in his classic car to boot. Crosby struggles with the mini van and being an adult, while trying to stay hip for the Luncheonette clientele. When the band that is currently recording there suggested a little day drinking Crosby decided to join in. This turns into evening and Jasmine calls him to remind him to pick up diapers and that they are having dinner with her mom. The band has the great idea of having Jasmine coming to pick them all up and take them home, and stop at a drive-thru. While they were in the drive-thru one of the band members commented on how great Jasmine was. This helped warm Crosby up to the van. The next day Jasmine found him in it because it was growing on him. And of course he discovered the back seats recline…

In Christina’s camp she’s busy preparing to continue campaigning for mayor. The whole family is helping by knocking on doors. During what looks to be a farmer’s market type setting she sees Little. He drives his bus in and is blaring Blurred Lines, not what I would an ideal choice for a Mayoral candidate, but what do I know. After the run-in Christina starts to practice debating, but she refuses to use Max as a point for why she is running. During the debate a mother asks what the future mayor would do to help make sure kids like her daughter, who is deaf, succeed. Christina braves up and interrupts Little to share her story about Max. She then proceeds to give the woman her phone number, wanting to help whether she wins or not. This move gets her in the polls. And solidifies the reason why she is running. As Max said, “You’re a statistical anomaly.”

In Sarah’s world she and Amber continue their fight over the impending marriage. Amber goes to Drew to ask him to be the witness for her because she wants to just go to City Hall and get married. Drew refused on the basis that family should be a part of the wedding. While this was happening Sarah went to see her mom. Camille pointed out that after stating their opinion on Sarah’s marriage she refused to talk to them for a couple of years. This gave Sarah the advise she needed to smooth things over with Amber. I guess we will be looking forward to another wedding episode on the show.

Zeke, in his own way, finally talks to Camille about the condo. They check one out, and Zeke took away from that to build a fire pit. After he was finished with it Camille told him she decided she is going to Italy for a month with her art class, alone. When the whole family came to dinner at the end this happens to be mentioned. So the results of that look to be next week. (Or a few weeks ago, however you want to look at it.)

Joel is really busy with his new job. He had to leave Julia while they were campaigning door-to-door for Christina. Julia bribes the kids to go with her and the first house they go to happens to be that of Ed Brooks. Of course the kids wanted to hang out so she says “10 minutes.” That turned into snack-time which became a meal that Julia and Ed prepared. Just as everyone (kids included) were digging in Ed’s wife showed up, so Julia left in a rush of awkwardness. Joel tried to make up for bailing on her by cooking dinner. Julia had to pretend she was hungry and even let the kids watch TV. She is trying very hard to keep from him how unhappy she is, this is going to blow up sometime soon.

First aired October 31, 2013 on NBC.

Elementary “An Unnatural Arrangement”

We get to see growth in the relationship between Sherlock and Joan. Sherlock is his usual insensitive self, but Joan finally made something click for him so that he was finally able to open up a little to her. She now has his trunk of old cases that he was unable to solve. As he kept stating throughout the episode they are partners, as such Joan is now able to go through cases Sherlock was unable to solve and see if she has any insights. I am interested to see if anything comes from this in later episodes.

The main case of this episode involves Captain Gregson and his wife. Who we find out have been separated for a while. She had to fend off an intruder who had the wrong house thanks to the internet. Two people are killed before the show is over, both of which were in Afghanistan working security for an archeologist. When Joan and Sherlock found one of them she shouted as if she was in the ER on some doctor show. It just felt out of place.

This archeologist turns out had an affair with one of them and stole artifacts to sell. Since her return she reconciled with her husband and they were working together to take down the other people who knew about the smuggled artifacts.

The archeologist has a female dog who hates unfamiliar men and is named Gotham. I just find that to be a strange name, not just for a dog, but for anything outside of the Batman franchise.

The Captain asked Sherlock for some insight into why his wife was apparently seeing a guy she has known her whole life. Sherlock came back with some good insight. He thought that maybe his wife was spending time with the one man the Captain didn’t want her to be around because she was trying to get his attention. And that marriage should be viewed more like a partnership. That’s what the Captain and his wife had before and that’s what the Captain should try to get back.

In the end the Captain takes Gotham to his wife and tells her she can take all the time she needs and he would take that time to think about what he can do better. AWW.

First aired October 31, 2013 on CBS.

The Crazy Ones “Hugging the Now”

This show I have continued watching mostly because of the cast. Most of the episodes I don’t find all that funny, but the field of work that it’s set in I can kind of relate to. Working in publishing you deal with similar situations, but not to the extreme they do. I’m still waiting for this show to get better, but it’s ok for now. If this was in any way real it would be quite disturbing. Especially with all of the sexual references and the office dynamics. A bit too much TMI.

This episode is based around Simon being nominated for the Creative of the Year Advertising Impact Award. He is running against an old high school crush of Sydney’s, Josh. Lauren has a great idea for marketing Simon to help him win, but Sydney ends up telling him over her weekend rendezvous.

After finding out that Josh used Lauren’s idea, Sydney is devastated. But luckily during the cocktail party the office held for all of the nominees Sydney had shared with Zach and Andrew her secret fantasy. She has this snowglobe that has a couple dancing in it. So after Simon loses the award to Josh they are at a bar where Zach and Andrew help make her fantasy a reality.

Honestly I’m waiting for Sydney to get together with Andrew, but that would complicate things and probably make the show more awkward than it already is.

First aired October 31, 2013 on CBS.