Criminal Minds “Annihilator”

Some episodes of Criminal Minds can make me uncomfortable just from the general “ick” factor that some of their murderers deploy on people, but this episode made me uncomfortable for other reasons. Assistant Director Barnes (Kim Rhodes) did such a good job of making the team uncomfortable it spread out of the TV onto me. 

I must say it was superb acting on everyone’s part. That feeling of working under someone terrible and they just make your life miserable, I felt that. Brought back memories of pretty much every job I’ve had where I wanted to find a way to take down the awful person. 

Assistant Director Barnes also brought the realities of working in a bureaucracy to the show, the whole, “work faster, but don’t screw up” and “I’m best buds with the higher ups and they let me do what I want”. Ugh, those people are terrible! And how do they get into these upper level life ruining positions?? Anyway I can’t stand her character, obviously. She makes me very angry, the fact that the writers have to do this kind of thing on an already dramatic show. Clearly it’s gotten bad enough that I’m actually writing about it.

And that ending! I was ready to cry with them. The bad guy can’t win! That’s just not Hollywood acceptable. I hope it gets turned around before the end of the season. It would suck for the actress, but man that must be a terrible character to play when you know you’ll be hated.

First aired March 7, 2018 on CBS.


Madam Secretary “Sound and Fury”

This was the first episode in a while that really kept me riveted to the TV. Ever since Nadine’s character exited I’ve been a bit sad about this show. She just added something extra.

The reason I wanted to write about this episode specifically was the parallels written about what appears to be happen in real life with President Trump and how President Dalton was acting. I was curious how it would all play out.

The writers really drove home in a blatant *hint hint nudge nudge*, this is what you can do you powers that be. I don’t know what is best politically, but I sure do wish some of these characters were real people truly working for the betterment of this country. I can daydream right?

In the end the secretary, the president’s wife and his chief of staff were able to convince him that going to a doctor was his best option. Either that or being kicked out entirely. They found a malignant tumor that was pressing on his brain causing the abrupt change in personality. It will be interesting when the show airs again if he will still be recovering, or if we won’t get to see what the acting president might do.

First aired January 14, 2018 on CBS.

Why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl

Or record it for that matter. I find that it’s a huge waste of time and energy, but it does seem to bring people closer together the day after in the office.

First of all I don’t watch sports, I don’t follow them, I barely keep track of the beloved Huskers except to see when might be a good time to go to the store. I don’t understand the fascination of watching people throw balls around. I really don’t understand the need to scream at a TV, it really won’t change a thing.

If you haven’t noticed the name of this blog it’s OntheDVR, guess why?? I don’t watch much of anything live. I even pay for Dish to get AutoHop on maybe 5 channels. It’s so sad when I’m on a cable station and it doesn’t just skip ahead automatically. I know I have a commercial section on here, but it hasn’t been updated in years. Seriously I think it’s been 4 years since I’ve seen a commercial worth sharing. Well except the Kia Soul commercials, but those are just awesome normally. So this is another reason why the Super Bowl holds very little interest to me.

Finally, Justin Timberlake, who cares?! I didn’t like him back in the *NSYNC days, don’t like him now. His voice grates like nails on a chalkboard. Last year I was almost tempted to watch because of Lady Gaga, but still just watched the replay almost instantly on YouTube. That for sure didn’t happen this year.

If you really care what I was doing while all of you were glued to the TV, I was sharing the fact that I kept a plant alive since October. Something tangible and worthwhile to share. Surprisingly enough I actually got people engaged in conversation over it.

So there you have it, why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and what I did instead.

The Voice Season 13

Finally! They listened to my silent cries! The season finale of The Voice didn’t have to end with a semi-crying-overwhelmed-confetti covered-trying to hug family new winner singing a song.

Seriously that was something that pissed me off to no end, this person is excited, happy, overwhelmed, so the person for 12 SEASONS thought that making them sing a song after being announced the winner, finally didn’t get their way.

I was also glad that Chole Kohanski won, she has a great voice, very unique. I know that by being so far behind I don’t have a say in the winner, and my refusal to use icrap means no downloading of music either. So for once someone I was rooting for made it all the way and actually won!

Overall it was a decent season. I hope they carry over the not forcing the winner to sing at the end. A much needed improvement to the show.

Superheroes and Revivals

As another season of TV comes to a close I am noticing a trend for next year’s shows. Superheroes and revivals will be in abundance. Unfortunately the good shows from this season, ones that make you think or are more complex were of course axed while every reality show and many crime shows are sticking around.

Here’s a quick rundown:

The CW (heaviest on the heros)
– Legends of Tomorrow
– Arrow
– The Flash
– Supergirl

– Gotham
– The Gifted (new 2017-18)

– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
– Inhumans (new 2017-18)

These are just off the top of my head, there might be more. Well I know there’s more on Netflix which I don’t have. (insert gasp here)

– American Idol (why?! It was awful the first time)
– Will & Grace
– Friends

While they’re reviving old 90s sitcoms they should bring back Dharma & Greg, both actors are out of jobs right now, so might as well get on the train while its moving forward.

So many shows…

Not much new here, I am only about a month behind on TV though. Been keeping up pretty well. I’ve been more disappointed in the shows that are getting canceled fairly quickly. I’m not sure that writing about them would save any of them. Unfortunately that would be my way of “saving” a show since I watch them so late they don’t get credit for me even seeing it.

A couple notable exits this season are Bones and Grimm. Both are doing their “Final Chapter.” I’m not disagreeing that these shows are going to be over this year. It was time for both of those shows.

I have not forgotten about this blog, and it is on my mind and to do list so I hope to begin again writing about the various shows I watch for those that are interested.

TV is great, but life is better

Another official television season is coming to a close. I have failed yet again to keep this blog updated at all. I am currently watching shows that aired on February 12 (2016, at least I’m in the right year). Every time I say to myself I’ll write about this episode or that, I don’t do it. Maybe I shouldn’t set my goals so lofty.

Hopefully one of these days I will recap an episode of a show I’ve watched and you can relive it! I’m not sure that anyone is as far behind on TV watching as me. Guess I have finally found something else to do.